Collegiate Peaks Bank donates funds to CCECC, Link School

by Lindsey Francy Mar 25, 2023 News
Collegiate Peaks Bank donates funds to CCECC, Link School

The charities that the bank donated to were in Colorado.

The Link School received a portion of the funds.

The effort to raise money for local charities is a testament to the caring spirit of the employees at the bank. Our entire team makes a point of serving on boards and as volunteers for charities and non-profits that need help. It's an important part of our culture and it helps our local communities.

New customers provide funding for the donations. When a person opens a new account, the bank makes a $10 donation.

The company is trying to make a difference in the communities where employees live and work. In addition, we gave over $50,000 to local nonprofits and organizations in 2022.

The Chaffee County Early Childhood Council is a nonprofit that works with many different community partners. CCECC works with the community to assess local early childhood needs, identify proven solutions, and access the resources needed to integrate these solutions into the work of community partners.

The funds will be used to support early childhood professionals in the community as well as those trying to enter the field.

Romack said that they couldn't thank the bank enough. Chaffee County is seen as a desert for child care. CCECC is trying to increase the number of slots in our community by building capacity in existing centers and helping emerging providers open new ones.

In order to ensure the creation of new childcare slots, we need to strengthen the early childhood workforce. The funds will help providers access things like early childhood mental health consultation and professional development, and also aid in the creation of an early childhood training program.

Christian Science students can attend the Link School, which is an alternative high school. Students go on international trips and learn leadership and community skills.

James Orlet, director of the Link School said, "We are incredibly grateful to Collegiate Peaks bank for their partnership since the start of our school." We are grateful for the generous donation and will use it to help students. We feel fortunate to have local students in our school family.

The Link School is one of the non-profits that Mark Moore supports. We build volunteer hours into every job description so employees can contribute value in their own community, whether that's service on a local board or helping raise funds for local schools.