Abbie Chatfield loses thousands of Instagram followers for new marketing campaign

by Anna Munhin Mar 25, 2023 News
Abbie Chatfield loses thousands of Instagram followers for new marketing campaign

A raunchy new marketing campaign for her radio show caused her to lose thousands of followers on social media.

The popular personality took to social media on Thursday to share with her 450,000 followers her ideas for marketing for the hit show, hot nights with abbie chatfield

New head of marketing here. Is it possible that I will win an ACRE for this? She said that her boss approved it.

Do you like the marketing campaign?

Fans and famous friends commented on the comments section.

Flex called her a genius, while Khan said it was great.

Some people in the comments weren't as supportive of the raunchy pictures

One person asked if there was an option to keep clothes on.

You can tell me which part of my body you think is not appropriate.

The user said they could see her upstairs.

You can't see my bedroom. The star said he wasn't nude for the photo shoot.

Some people don't understand "what nude underwear is"

She said she lost 1000 followers from the campaign.

She lost another 1,000 followers after she posted a video from a concert where she was dancing.

She wrote that she didn't know how many conservatives followed her.

The images from the meeting show a woman in front of a chief content officer with two poster boards.

The next shot in the post shows a shocked-looking Mr.

The marketing campaign was described as her "unhinged ideas" in a post.

The campaign got approved despite the meeting being a joke.

She said that it was meant to be a joke and that it eventually got approved.

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