L’Officiel Art Makes a Debut in Art Basel HK 2023 After Celebrating Its 10-Year Anniversary on the Back of L’Officiel SAS Inc.’s 100-Year Heritage.

by Lindsey Francy Mar 24, 2023 News
L’Officiel Art Makes a Debut in Art Basel HK 2023 After Celebrating Its 10-Year Anniversary on the Back of L’Officiel SAS Inc.’s 100-Year Heritage.

New York, Singapore, and Hong Kong have been added to the list.

The most anticipated art event of the last two years will take place in Hong Kong in the month of March. L'Officiel Art is proud to present our first ever magazine booth along with the display of artworks from all over the world.

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The art and culture industry has always been championed by AMTD Group Inc. In order to provide a new perspective on contemporary art, L'Officiel Art was created. L'Officiel Art's art pieces are created by a chosen artist. L'Officiel Art strives to provide a platform for different points of view in the creative industries, be it fashion, design, architecture, lifestyle, cinema or music. We are excited to present a unique perspective of the current landscape and trends of contemporary art as well as to create deeper connections and conversations between cultures at the biggest art show in the world.

On the occasion of L'Officiel's debut at Art Basel Hong Kong, we warmly welcome Alison lo, our new Head of Cultural Affairs and International Markets of AMTD Digital Inc. She has over ten years of high level policy advisory and project management experience and has developed a strong network with artists, art institutions, international organisation, government ministries, private enterprises, the academia and the media. She received a Master of Arts in Contemporary Art from the Institute of Art in London. She will add to the corporate ambition to accelerate all-rounded developments in the arts, fashion and entertainment industries, injecting positive energy to society and making the world a better place for all.

Alison and Aileen Soh are from L'Officiel and they are at Art Basel Hong Kong.

Art Basel is defined by its host city and region, while the Hong Kong counterpart is unique in reflecting its participating exhibit in Asia. Nineteen galleries from the Asia-Pacific region will be showcasing specially-curated projects for the event, as part of the Galleries - 20th and 21st century works from 134 modern and contemporary art galleries sector.

It is a pleasure to be a part of the AMTD and L'Officiel family. I hope to bring arts and culture to the forefront of our corporate development.

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A premier Asia financial institution and digital solutions group connecting companies and investors from Asia, including China and Hong Kong, is part of the AMTD IDEA Group. The comprehensive one-stop financial services plus digital solutions platform addresses different clients' diverse and inter- connected financial needs and digital requirements across all phases of their life cycles The Company is positioned as an active super-connector between clients, business partners, investee companies, and investors because of its deep roots in Asia. Please visit www.amtdinc.com or follow us on social media.

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A complete digital solutions platform in Asia is offered by AMTD Digital Inc. Digital financial services, digital media, content and marketing, and digital investments are some of the main business lines of the platform. The fusion reactor is at the core of the SpiderNet network and is used to empower and integrate various businesses. To learn more about AMTD Digital's announcements, please visit www.amtdigital.net/investor-news.

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L'Officiel was founded in Paris in 1921 and is a global leading media company. L'Officiel is seen by fashion enthusiast worldwide through its extensive, omni- platform digital presence. L'Officiel is an international reference for French style and pioneer in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and modern society. The AMTD Spider-Net is a network of key players in media, culture and education.

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