YouTube to let advertisers target Gen Z based on trending music

by Anna Munhin Mar 24, 2023 News
YouTube to let advertisers target Gen Z based on trending music

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The kids are listening to something. I'm asking for a friend advertiser.

According to the VP of product management for YouTube ads, the new ad offering will allow brands to target Gen Zers based on the songs that are most popular with them.

By using artificial intelligence, YouTube will be able to create content packages centered around songs that are popular among Gen Zers, which will allow advertisers to target them based on their current music interests.

The most popular music that is popular with Gen Z can be identified by using audience signals from its platform. Those tracks will be featured in packages for advertisers, which are called "lineups."

Music videos, shorts, and pure audio could be included in the lineup for a group of trending songs. She said that shorts are seeing huge growth, with over 50 billion views a day. A lot of Gen Z viewers come to the platform because of music. We want to give advertisers a way to really lean into this and help connect with these Gen Z audiences.

According to several recent reports, the company has pushed further into the audio advertising space due to the fact that it is a popular platform among the people who listen to audio.

Last year, for instance, YouTube introduced a podcasts lineup that enables brands to buy ads specifically in podcast videos, and started a program through its branded-content platform offering advertisers a way to connect with podcasters to coordinate host read ads on their videos.