Scale Your Content Production With AI-generated Content

by Lindsey Francy Mar 24, 2023 News
Scale Your Content Production With AI-generated Content

Think about your work day. How much time do you spend making content? Emails, presentations, reports, and so on.

Let's figure it out.

A large amount.

These must be written in a way that is visually appealing and interactive. It is a good reason for that.

The demand for high-quality content has never been greater as we move towards rich and digital-first modes of communication. It holds for both individuals and businesses who can benefit from using artificial intelligence.

What is AI-generated content? What does it mean for you?

Any media that is fully generated by artificial intelligence is called synthetic media. Text, voice, images, videos, music, and even code can now be created by machines, making it easier than ever to create high quality content.

Anyone can become a creator as physical processes are becoming more digital. Specific technical skills are no longer required in order to be accessible to everyone and trulyScalable.

Is this a sign that people will lose their jobs to technology?

The question is no.

There are many artificial intelligence tools that can help you do your job quicker. There is still a need for a human at the beginning and end of the creative process, it is a real person who decides on the intent, and it is a real person who can further refine the content generated by artificial intelligence.

We can meet the demands of high-quality, tailored content for different audiences with the help of artificial intelligence. Customer expectations have never been higher and the typical customer journey has never been more fragmented. Most white collar workers spend most of their time creating content because of this.

We can use artificial intelligence in these efforts.

If you want to learn more about how you can scale your business with the help of artificial intelligence, read on.

AI-generated text 

Everything begins with text. Language is a human only technology that determines how we see and think. Even though we think in words, writing isn't everyone's cup of tea

Many artificial intelligence tools can assist us with it. I'm not talking about artificial intelligence for translation. There are tools that can be used to create entirely new and unique pieces of writing.

Various artificial intelligence text generators have existed before, but this is the first time they have taken their adoption to the next level. I'm pretty sure you've already tried it out, and you've seen the new way of producing text.

ChatGPT generating ideas

You can find it here.

There are some ideas on how to use artificial intelligence.

Blog posts 

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can speed up your post-writing process so that you focus more on your strategic aspects.


A lot of employees spend a lot of time writing emails, and you probably have some automated email sequence that goes out to your customers. The heavy lifting of generating text for your emails could be done with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Subject lines, body copy, calls to action, A/B variant, and more can be asked of it.

Social media content

It is not possible to use the same copy for each social media platform. Artificial intelligence can help you write social media caption of different lengths and styles, descriptions for your multimedia, and less visible tasks.

Video scripts

It is not an easy job to write a video script. Video should be part of your strategy because audiences want more fast paced content. Many artificial intelligence tools can be used to write different parts of your video script.

Other text-based documents 

There is a lot of writing. There are reports that need to be written precisely, presentations that need additional text, and job descriptions that need to be written in the right language. There are so many ways to use artificial intelligence in writing that we are just listing a few examples.

AI-generated images 

The visual aspect of a message is just as important as the written word. If you have a designer who is always willing to lend a helping hand, then great. It's time to ask for help with your visual assets.

When it comes to images, you can benefit from the use of artificial intelligence. You can make changes to the images. It is now possible to do things with a single click.

We're talking about a lot of different things. You can ask it to make new images. Anything you can think of can be generated by text-to-image models.

Stable diffusion image prompts

The source is Stable Diffusion.

Here are some ideas on how artificial intelligence can help you.

Product images 

There is one from above. There is one in action. There is one from a long way away. There are always more product images for sales or marketing. It can be difficult to organize a photo shoot and hire a photographer. Don't worry! The same results can be achieved using artificial intelligence.

Images for social media 

It is time to show your product images on your social media channels. Each channel requires its own style of visuals. If you want to maximize your assets for multiple platforms, take advantage of artificial intelligence tools.

Images for videos 

A video is incomplete without images. They can be used to support the idea, present details, and more.


It can take a long time to create a presentation. It can take weeks from start to finish. You can use Artificial Intelligence to quickly create stunning slides that will impress your audience.

Printed materials 

Whether you need an image for a printed ad or a brochure, Artificial Intelligence has you covered. Generate unique images in your browser, use it to speed up the process, and stay on brand.

Other images you need for your content

Any image you can think of can be generated in minutes with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI-generated voice

Do you want to record yourself talking? Most people don't

Text-to-speech generators are becoming more popular due to the fact that hiring a professional voice actor isn't always an option. A browser can be used to generate narration from text. You should try synthetic voices if you think they are robotic.

Stock voices can be used to generate narration in a variety of languages. If the stock voices aren't enough, you can clone your own voice. It is possible to easily update the speech without repeating the process.

The best thing? It is easy to create multiple language variations.

Many companies use artificial intelligence to personalize their audio content Some examples are provided.

Dialogs and narrations for videos 

The most obvious aspect of a video is its visual appearance. Audio is just as important as anything else. Text-to-speech tools can be used to play around with different combinations of voices for dialogs between characters and pick the narrator's voice that best supports the overall mood of your video.

Narration for presentations

It's the same thing for your presentations. You might have made them visually appealing, so why not give them more information? Pick the voice that suits your presentation, type in the text, and then add it to your slides


It is easy to say that every company should become a media company. The number of people listening to podcasts is increasing, and it seems like a good idea to start your own show.

You have compelling stories to tell and a pool of people who might be interested but not a host. Pick a synthetic voice, make an audio file, and share it with the world.

Customer service 

Audio is more engaging than text and can be used to communicate with your users. It has never been easier to use a text-to-speech generator to deploy a voice assistant.

Make sure you choose the right voice, translate the content and delight users with speech instead of text.

AI-generated video 

The demand for video is growing as society moves towards richer media. Consumers want to learn about products through video, students want to watch bite-sized videos, and companies are trying to produce more video content faster.

Videos are more popular on social media than links and text combined. The videos grab the attention of the viewer. They retain 98% of a message when watching a video, and only 10% when reading it.

Traditional video production isn't very easy to access. Think about all the equipment, hire actors, and find the right location. It seems almost impossible to update the video once it is done.

Synthetic video can be created in a browser using only one tool, and the process is very easy for beginners. The ability to upload branded assets is one of the features offered by most video generators.

Video content ideas can be brought to life with the help of artificial intelligence.

Training videos 

The ability to learn is a big motivator for employees to stay at a company. Bite-sized video is one of the most effective learning tools and is more important than ever. If you include a realistic talking head, there will be bonus points.

Marketing videos 

Artificial intelligence-generated video is an excellent way to improve your marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence video can be used to create new content or to reuse existing content. Video testimonials, how-to videos, explainer videos, and social media videos can be created with various artificial intelligence video generators.

Customer support 

Don't say anything. Video is a great format for customer support. It allows for visualization of different processes. It helps humanize your customer-facing interactions if you include an artificial intelligence (ai) avatars.

Corporate communications 

Video is a great way to liven up meetings, give company updates, or deliver important information. Many companies are using artificial intelligence to replace real-time meetings.


A video in an email makes it more engaging and memorable. Mentioning the word "video" in the subject line increases open rates, according to research. With all the artificial intelligence video generators on the market, now is a good time to start making more videos.

AI-generated music 

If your business doesn't have a physical location, the sound aspect of branding is often overlooked. Music is still important in some cases.

You don't have to hire musicians or worry about copyright issues thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. You can use different artificial intelligence tools to generate your music, where you can specify the instruments, mood, style, and other audio parameters.

There are some use cases that need to be looked at.


In this article, we talked about podcasting. Voice narration isn't the only part of the show. Music is another important thing. There is a place where you can use artificial intelligence to create music for your show.


Background music in videos can set the mood and tone of the video and help engage viewers. A more polished and professional final product can be created.

Ambient music 

Music can create an atmosphere. It can be used to create a memorable experience.

The future is synthetic 

There are a lot of ways generative artificial intelligence can help you. The best solution is dependent on a number of factors, including your content strategy, skills on the team, and available resources.

Every use case imaginable has a new tool being launched. New skills are needed to put your team to work. The processes behind the tools need to be understood to get optimal results.

It brings a lot of benefits but also some risks.

People will become more educated and critical of artificial intelligence-generated content. It is up to businesses, regulators, and individuals to prevent misuse of these technologies.

Sufficiently advanced technology is not the same as magic. What we're currently seeing is just the beginning of what's to come in the field of artificial intelligence. Future developments will open up many unforeseen ways for creative expression and provide significant value to businesses.

We believe that the future is synthetic and excited about the possibilities that are about to be unlocked.

Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving. Check out the latest trends in artificial intelligence and how it can improve your life.