Glossy Pop Newsletter: Inside Tree Hut’s unexpected, TikTok-driven glow-up

by Jacob Solomon Mar 24, 2023 News
Glossy Pop Newsletter: Inside Tree Hut’s unexpected, TikTok-driven glow-up

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Since the start of the Pandemic and the rise of TikTok, tree hut has been reborn. The brand makes accessibly priced body care, with prices ranging from $3.99 for a travel-sized body wash to $19.99 for a gift set containing cult favorites. Since 2006 it has been sold at the beauty store. Baby Magic is a company owned by Naterra International Inc.

The brand itself has 920,000 followers on the app, and the brand has over one billion views on TikTok. It has more than 350,000 followers on the photo sharing site.

It wasn't an overnight success. The brand is not able to attribute its success on the app to a single moment. The engagement and growth of Tree Hut has been driven by the whole community.

The first TikTok was posted in June of 2020. The first post received a few views.

Hazel Smith is Tree Huts senior marketing manager. A lot of other brands weren't doing this at the time. We have a variety of colors, but scent is something we can't convey in a digital way, so that was always a challenge. To connect to an audience, to get them to feel, touch and understand what the product is about, we went in with that. The goop drop is what we call it.

There are many body-care related trends that have over 125 million views on the app. You can find showers that look similar to Tree Hut showrooms by scrolling through the app. There is a wide variety of colors and flavors in the $10.49Shea Sugar Scrubs, which come in a wide variety of colors and flavors. The #TreeHutCollector has more than 50 million views and the #TreeHutCollection has more than 25 million. Fans document their journey to get a new flavor.

According to Tribe Dynamics, Tree Hut had an impressive 84% year-over-year growth in earned media value in the last four years. It was mentioned in 7,400 social posts from 1,500 creators. Over the course of the year, TikTok drove $10.5 million of the EMV, an increase of 40% over the previous year. The combined value of social buzz, searches and purchases is called EMV.

Incoming creators who hadn't mentioned the brand in the year 2020 were to blame for Tree Hut's surge in popularity in the years to come. Half of the brand's total was accounted for by this group. Thanks to its popularity on TikTok, many of these newcomers discovered the brand. The campaign #ShowerTok was one of Tree Hut's top campaigns. It is rare for a TikTok-specific tag to rank so highly among a brand's top hashtags.

The co-founder of Tribe Dynamics said that Tree Hut was an early Adopter of TikTok and had more of its stem from the platform than other brands did.

The brand will debut its first open-to-the-public New York City pop-up this weekend where it will invite its community to engage with the sensorial experiences it provides.

The goals for the pop-up are twofold. She said that they want to meet their consumers in real life and also create awareness for people who haven't experienced the brand yet. The brand wants to show that Tree Hut has more to offer than just scrubs. At the pop-up, it will promote its new gel body washes.

Visitors will be given a reward. The first 100 visitors will get a full body care regimen, while the first 600 will get a body wash and scrubber tool. One person will win a grand prize of one of every Tree Hut product, worth over $500, if they register on Tree Hut's own website.

The brand is using TikTok and StackAdapt to look at how pop-ups lift brand awareness in New York and nationwide. Davis Burleson, also known as What's Poppin?, was tapped along with two other paidinfluencers. There are 2.2 million followers of Davis, 1.5 million followers of Trullinger, and 167,000 followers of B.

The tree hut community wants the pop-up to go on tour. There is room for discussion if it ends up being a success.

Smith said that the team is a very lean one. The brand has between 40-50 employees.

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