Marketers respond to TikTok CEO’s testimony and a potential ban

by Anna Munhin Mar 24, 2023 News
Marketers respond to TikTok CEO’s testimony and a potential ban

FrancisScialabba is the name of the person.

The CEO of TikTok testified in front of Congress on Thursday, and it seems that all eyes have been on the company this week.

We talked to marketers this week to find out what they thought about the testimony and the possibility of a ban. Email us to let us know what you think about what they said.

Responses have been edited to make them easier to read.

Reaction from testimony

It did not feel like a discovery hearing but rather an airing of concerns that went beyond data and national security to also include S230 and content moderation. Some of the issues were not new to TikTok. There is no indication from the hearing that there will be any more restrictions or regulation that will affect TikTok.

The congressmen and congresswomen were well prepared and asked good questions. Several congressmen and congresswomen were rude and didn't allow time for TikTok CEO to answer their questions. The look was bad because of the frequent occurrences. When he was allowed to answer, he pivoted to talking points about users diversity of thoughts and did not answer most of the questions posed to him in an honest way. Several representatives said that he wasn't credible.

I think a lot of this will depend on whether or not ByteDance or the Chinese government can convince Congress that Project Texas is completely secure. I believe that Larry Ellison and Safra Catz should testify that the American user base of TikTok is completely immune from foreign access.

The hearing today showed the need for more education and awareness about the data-privacy practices undertaken by companies and advertisers regarding the data they collect about teens on TikTok and other social platforms. There is an urgent need for a data privacy law.

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On pivoting marketing strategy if a ban happens

It would be devastating to lose another platform that we can have more fun and informal stories on. Is it really changing our strategy? It's not really. I believe all of our content is moving towards a similar style.

Right now, we invest a lot inInstagram Reels. We're definitely a video-first brand, so I think we'll continue our investment there and use our learnings from TikTok onto that platform.

If this was last year, Tina would be more stressed out because she wouldn't have other networks to reach out to. The ones that we cross-post now do a bit better. I feel like TikTok has so many users and it's hard to get consistent, big views compared to on ourinstagram, where you can add longer caption and it's more personalized We have a YouTube channel where we post 30 minutes to an hour long weekly blogs that have grown at the same time as our TikTok. You have backups for our strategy.

Jeffrey Tousey is the CEO of Beekman Social. If something like this happens, we want to make sure that our clients' entire social footprint is not out the window. Because of the age of TikTok, almost every company we work with already has at least one social network. This wasn't the only channel.