Opinion: Influencer or Ambassador – A Subtle Semantic Difference?

by Jacob Solomon Mar 24, 2023 News
Opinion: Influencer or Ambassador – A Subtle Semantic Difference?

In the ongoing debate about using brand ambassadors as part of the marketing mix, we should never lose sight of how important it is to create social communications that connect.

There was another hour of thumb scrolling, a pause, and a rabbit hole. When it comes to the business of influence, the full spectrum of opinion is guaranteed on the platform.

The quote that grabbed my attention was, "Influencers, they call it a'selfie' because 'narcissistic' is too hard to spell." This is good news for brand transparency, but it is not a solution to paid product promotion on social media.

I thought it was unfair to stereotype a complete marketing channel and group of people in such a way. Real people who use their skills on social media platforms to market on behalf of a brand can be labeled a marketing channel on a media plan.

The quote refers to thenarcissistic and that is an industry truth. It made me think of how many conversations and meetings we've had in the past that have had a negative aspect to them.

It is easy to understand the roots of some of the negative things, but it is not the only thing.

There are some brands that have been burned and some that have just burned money. Many brands are still experimenting and trying to navigate and position human influence within their social and content marketing mix.

In the context of image usage rights, brand ambassadorship is understood. It is easier to connect thinking and minds in this area.

The terms brand ambassadors and social mediainfluencers have become synonymous. One may be retained and the other just engaged in the short term with a very specific brief, since they both have the potential to be effective in promoting brands, goods and services. Micro, mid-tier and mega are often thrown into the conversation. It's not clear if the claims that a micro-influencer will generate more engagement than a macroinfluencer are true.

Everything doesn't have to be complicated.

We need to communicate from one person to the next.

Ryan is employed by Oliver Ireland.