Triller and Its Subsidiaries Hit 450M Registered Users as TikTok Ban Looms | Charlotte Observer

by Lindsey Francy Mar 24, 2023 News
Triller and Its Subsidiaries Hit 450M Registered Users as TikTok Ban Looms | Charlotte Observer

Triller became the number one app in the world after many countries banned the short video hosting app TikTok. Triller is an American social networking platform for video-sharing, and within a short time, it has become increasingly popular among content creators. Triller is creating a buzz because it is putting the spotlight back on creators.

Triller is more than just a replacement for TikTok. It's similar to an open garden system where creators get 70% of their money. It is 1 percent or less with other social media platforms. Because of this, creators will have complete control of their content and no longer pay social media networks to reach their target audience.

The new video hosting platform has a proprietary tool that can help creators monetize their content on other social media platforms. The advanced technologies and affiliates adopted by Triller have been able to provide creators with a 90 percent open rate and 70 percent click rate. Triller made headlines in 2020 for its highest-grossing digital pay per view in history.

It appears that Triller will replace TikTok by offering the creators who are empowering the platform all that the app does. The platform will be launching a feature that will allow creators to migrate from TikTok to Triller in minutes. Users can transfer their TikTok accounts, content, and screen names in a single click. If a worldwide ban is imposed on the app, creators can transfer their content to another platform.

Triller was designed to give creators direct access to their audience and also to put more money into their pockets. More than 100 top creators and renowned celebrities from around the world have already switched to Triller and are already seeing huge growth in their incomes, way higher than what they usually make on TikTok. The open-garden system will be a thing of the past because of the seamless migration solution.

The team behind Triller knows how modern technologies affect social media networks. The technology can identify and study audience preferences, as well as give creators insights and direct tools to more effectively reach and monetize their audience.

The creator economy is worth over $500 billion and only 1 percent of it goes to the creators. With a platform like Triller, creators can not only earn more through the open garden system but also grow as they gain control of their audiences. There are more than 450 million users on Triller. Over the last two years, Triller has grown into a major social media platform for creators around the world.

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