Kay Beauty Marketing Strategy: A palette of inclusivity, sustainability & glamour

by Lindsey Francy Mar 24, 2023 News
Kay Beauty Marketing Strategy: A palette of inclusivity, sustainability & glamour

With the message of being gentle on oneself, the brand's communication focuses on "# Its KayToBeYou" It wants to go green and create guilt-free makeup.

Over the past four years, the brand has created a narrative on inclusivity beyond gender, age, color, and identity by engaging influential people to speak on its brand messaging.

The marketing initiatives brought her vision of Kay Beauty to life.

Social Samosa looks at the makeup brand's online communication strategy that features real people who have become the stars of their own life.

Digital campaigns and influencer outreach

The brand was first introduced to the public through a video featuring known women across spectrums with the celebrity friends acting as the vessels. Their huge following created a lot of curiosity among the audience.

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The focus of the brand has been on creating a positive space for people since it was launched. The messaging of its initiatives encouraged people to take care of themselves.

The brand began to feature people of different identities, genders and ages in order to break the stigma of beauty. cis- gender and queer men who use makeup and continued to feature male models to showcase its products were given shoutouts throughout the years.

There is a focus on pride beyond the month-long period. Tribemama Marykali, an independent singer, was featured on the brand's website.

Kay has collaborated with makeup artists such as Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju and Ankush Bahuguna.

Brand ‘Katrina’ and Content strategies 

The face of the brand is the founder, Katrina, who regularly features her beauty guide on the official channel. She talked about her brand in other channels. The actor, who has a social currency of 71.2 million followers on the photo sharing app, is active about new developments.

New content-driven strategies and campaigns have been released by the brand.

The content series was launched on the first anniversary.

Since then, the brand has presented all the inspiring stories that empower women. The brand released many more authentic campaigns after taking a similar route.

Actively posting about beauty tips for your skin tone and more, the brand has launched MasterKlass tutorials with famous makeup artist Daniel Bauer who also uses the products for various fashion weeks

Kay Beauty creates an aesthetic feed with colour themes that bring out the skin tones, right in time for its new product launches, and uses pop culture references and more to connect with Gen Z.

Initiatives and Offline stores

The brand shifted its focus to offline marketing when it started with E-Commerce and Digital. More than 100 general trade stores and leading modern trade stores were added. In India, it was available in over 90 stores.

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The Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the brand is called 'Kare.' Kay is associated with the De'Haat Foundation.

Kay Beauty is a makeup brand that is more about inclusivity and sustainable.