How creator-tech company Animeta will help creators overcome burnout and monetise well

by Anna Munhin Mar 24, 2023 News
How creator-tech company Animeta will help creators overcome burnout and monetise well

For the first time, a Youtuber posted a video about how creator burnout has affected her content quality. Content creators around the world have spoken about the issue of creator exhaustion. According to a report on the creator economy, more than half of content creators are facing burnout.

According to a report, there will be over 100 million content creators by the end of the year. This is a challenge that needs to be addressed at an early stage before it becomes a big problem in India. According to the Kalaari Capital report, only a small percentage of creators are able to monetize their content.

Anish Mehta, the former CEO of Cosmos Maya, launched a creator tech company to help grow and organize India's creator community.

The core India leadership team of the company was formed by him based in Singapore.

When the product will be ready, the creator will come on the platform, log in to the product and just question what content to make. He/she will get indicative content ideas in no time.

Content creators will be able to grow their communities and monetise their content through the platform's proprietary self-service creator tech platform.

He said, "We are investing in machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language programming, social listening and also bringing in our media experience and expertise"

The company offers financial investment, data analytics and business intelligence, content strategy and creative supervision, brand, PR and social media expertise, as well as data-driven, result oriented brand campaigns to content creators.

To get the attractive content monetisation and creation services offered by Animeta, the content creator will have to exclusively collaborate with them and they will secure 50% of the intellectual property rights within the existing and future content.

A platform and talent management agency would charge a percentage of the commission and not have an intellectual property right on creators' content.

Potnis said that the tech platform is based on a studio model. An agency won't have an intellectual property right over content creators' content and won't get 50% share of the revenue earned by the creator from any content piece

Potnis said, "It's a total symbiotic association between a creator and us." If a creator is listed on more than one agency, the brand will associate with him/her on the lowest rate platform. It is a loss for the person who created it. The challenge will disappear in a partnership. The core team has experience in M&E and will bring it to the creator community. We help creators build their content. In times of content overdose and so many different genres to create content around, we help content creators to maintain the utmost authenticity and create good quality content. The creator doesn't mind being associated with us only when they see the value.

Only the exclusive partner of the company can put this level of effort and investment in the growth of content creators. From original content creation plans to integrated marketing campaigns we are building out and we are bringing a huge value to content creators in exclusive partnerships with us.

Potnis said that creating content is not enough to get more subscribers. Logistical issues are going multi- platform from the creators perspective. Better editing and packaging is something we help creators with. Brand partnerships are more important than ever. The length of a video can be either short or long.

The highlight videos will be produced in series format. If a creator had at least 15 million followers and 20 million subscribers, it would be considered a success. The additional 5 million subscribers won't watch his/her 700 pieces again. This will help creators in their current viewing habits.

Creating highlight videos is not the only thing that Animeta will do.

In the future, Animeta, which has over 25 people in it's team, will help creators create large-scale original content, OTT content partnerships in the form of web series, etc.

Anybody has the power to reach their own Meta stage, even if they don't have a name or logo.

Potnis said that they had replaced Y with an I in Any spelling to form the new entity.

The platform wants its creators to only focus on recording videos and the rest will be taken care of by them, which is why the logo has a record button.

Key content categories make up over 80% of social media viewers. The first set of creators have exclusive partnerships with categories like automobile, travel, people and vlogs.

The creators of content in music, politics, news, kids and other "edgy" genres will not be able to create content for the sake of it.

Potnis said that content which is controversial, has abusive language and is political is "eager".

Potnis told that by the end of April he will have closed deals with almost 50 creators. About 200 exclusive creators will be onboarded by the end of the year in India, Southeast Asia, and the US.

The first list of exclusive creators include Lakhan Rawat and Neetu Bisht Rawat of the Lakhneet Vlogs fame.

In order to onboard a content creator, Animeta first does qualitative analysis. The outreach teams reach out to the content creators after that.

The Managing Director of KKR's Asian media and entertainment platform, Emerald Media, as well as Sameer Manchanda, a serial mediaentrepreneur, are among the founding investors.

The long term goal is to shape the future of the creator economy. The scale at which we want to grow is not possible without a good product, that's why we're heavily tech focused. We are creating a product that will solve the problems of this industry in the short term. Humans are trying to understand the pain points while using technology. At the heart of the product is human intelligence, which is building the product.