Norfolk Southern announces two Marketing leadership roles

by Jacob Solomon Mar 24, 2023 News
Norfolk Southern announces two Marketing leadership roles

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Vice presidents advance long-term strategy.

Two vice president positions have been added to Norfolk Southern Corporation's marketing division. The role of Vice President Intermodal and automotive operations will be filled byYannik Thomas, while the role of Vice President First and final mile markets will be taken over byStefan Loeb.

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"Our goal is to safely deliver profitable and industry-leading growth as a customer-centered, operations-driven service organization," said Chief Marketing Officer Ed Elkins. I'm happy to welcome these two proven leaders to our team.

Vice President Industrial Products Leggett Kitchin, Vice President Intermodal and automotive marketing Shawn Tureman, and Vice President Business Development and Real Estate Kathleen Smith will be reporting to Thomas and Loeb.

Each of them brings unique and valuable skills to the table. Adding their growth-oriented leadership will allow us to fully leverage the great work happening across our Intermodal and automotive and industrial products franchises. We'll be able to execute our ambitious strategy, capture a greater market share of flexible freight, and innovate first- and last-mile solutions that expand our service beyond the railhead.

Thomas served as Norfolk Southern's assistant vice president financial planning and analysis since 2020. He will be focusing on delivering a high-quality customer experience, efficient and proactive management of terminal and equipment services, development and implementation of system design engineering solutions and alignment with enterprise commercial and operating strategies.

He comes to Norfolk Southern from Watco, a single-sourced transportation and supply chain services company that owns and operates a diverse network of short line railroads, terminals, and ports. First- and final-mile products and processes are key to short and long-term development.

The goods and materials that drive the U.S. economy have been safely moved by Norfolk Southern and its predecessors. It operates a customer-centered freight transportation network. Norfolk Southern helps its customers avoid carbon emissions by shipping via rail. Its dedicated team members deliver more than 7 million carloads annually, and is the largest rail shipper of auto products and metals in North America. Most of the country's population and manufacturing base are served by Norfolk Southern's extensive network of connections to every major container port on the Atlantic coast as well as the Gulf of Mexico and Great Lakes. Visit www.Norfolk to learn more.


Norfolk Southern announced two marketing leadership roles.

The information comes from Norfolk Southern Corporation.

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