Revolving Door Roundup Agency Moves: Pearlfisher, Ogilvy, TBWA & More

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 23, 2023 News
Revolving Door Roundup Agency Moves: Pearlfisher, Ogilvy, TBWA & More

There are signals of growth for agencies around the world with the start of spring. New partnerships, campaigns and acquisitions aim to help companies thrive all season.

The park is 19th.

1 Park9 is a full service production company for commercials, branded content, experiences, film and TV. The company is trying to build on the vision of 19th and Park.

Also rising.

The academy initiative will help scale-ups develop marketing as an own competency and drive up valuations. The program will help founders improve their teams.

Antilles Digital Media is a digital media company.

Lee Black II, the owner of Antilles Digital Media, was named Charlotte's Local Businessperson of the Year. Digital media and social media management is provided by the agency.

There is a television show called "Bm360."

The media group was renamed to BMG. After a period of double-digit growth, the company has a new name.

Brandon is a young man.

Brandon has been named Geneverse Energy's agency of record. Geneverse will be managed by an agency as it prepares for growth.

There is a pearlfisher.

The New York City studio of Pearlfisher was enlisted to develop the brand strategy. The goal is to create a brand that is known for great taste in an industry focused on health and wellbeing.

There is a fusion 92.

Heartland Dental chose the agency of record, Fusion 92. More than 100 dental offices in the US will be serviced by the agency.

Kroger is a precision marketing company.

The Trustworthy Accountability Group named Kroger Precision Marketing an industry leader. The agency has been given this recognition for four years in a row.

There is a car called Magna.

250 million ad-filtering users are the focus of a new study by Magna and eyeo. The study shows that ad-filtering users are more likely to make purchase decisions.

They're called Mediassociates.

Mediassociates will be NJM Insurance Group's new media agency. A unified agency team will be formed by Mediassociates and Brownstein Group in order to increase the efficiency of NJM's media spend.

There is a person named "Ogilvy."

The most creative agency network in the world for the third year in a row has been named by WARC as the most creative network in the world.

There are red havas and meltwater.

Red Havas and Meltwater have worked together for a long time. Red Havas will use Meltwater's solutions with their clients while managing Meltwater's media relations.

There is a person named Talon.

The acquisition of Novus Canada by Talon expands its footprint in North America. The agency wants to strengthen its global presence and accelerate its growth in the Canadian market.


The account was given to TBWADublin. The wine brands will be provided with strategic and creative services by the agency.

It's called Vmly&R.

The summer internship and neXus programs are still open. The neXus programs will give earlier stage applicants the resources, education and experiences needed to excel academically and professionally.

The man is named Wunderman Thompson.

The British Heart Foundation chose to work with Wunderman Thompson U.K. The agency will work with the foundation to create a new strategy that spans all customer touch points and allows for personalization.