A roundup of the latest AI-powered marketing technology releases

by Jacob Solomon Mar 23, 2023 News
A roundup of the latest AI-powered marketing technology releases

There is an increase in the use of artificial intelligence. It can be difficult to keep track of new products. Here is a list of recent artificial intelligence-powered martech products, platforms and features.


  • Salesforce’s Einstein GPT for Commerce combines proprietary AI models with generative AI technology and real-time data from the Salesforce Data Cloud, such as customer demographic data and shopping history, to automate and tailor shopper recommendations in Commerce Cloud. It builds personalized product listings without preloaded product descriptions or information inputted in the back end.
  • One AI’s CRM integration summarizes and extracts key information from customer interactions to optimize personalized experience; helps identify trending issues, new competitors and feature requests to stay ahead of the competition; and can identify entities, emotions, sentiments and more in customer interactions.

Customer service

  • Intercom’s Fin uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Intercom’s proprietary machine learning technology to provide trustworthy and accurate answers to customer questions by only using companies’ existing support articles. If a human interaction is needed, Fin can disambiguate harder questions and pass them onto support agents.
  • Verneek’s One Quin answers personalized questions through voice activation or text. It is trained on real-time consumer queries as well as a collection of structured and unstructured public information. It’s designed to answer questions reliably based on dynamic enterprise data automatically augmented with relevant public information. 

Artificial intelligence can be used to improve the customer experience.

Marketplace intelligence

  • Course5 Intelligence has integrated OpenAI’s GPT models into Course5 Compete, its proprietary AI-powered market intelligence platform. The integration will improve product matching and recommendations while making the insights more accessible through conversational modes in a language aligned with user personas.
  • Market Logic Software’s DeepSights is an AI assistant trained to answer business questions about market research and intelligence. It has been specifically trained to understand the context of questions exploring market research insights. DeepSights can be embedded within standard applications such as Microsoft Teams.

Product content

  • Optiwise.ai has integrated ChatGPT in its Walmart marketplace optimization system. Using the company’s knowledge base of optimized Walmart product pages, ChatGPT generates content allowing sellers to improve visibility, engagement and conversions.
  • Salsify PXM OpenAI Accelerator is part of the company’s commerce experience platform. It uses generative AI to expedite the creation of product content across the entire product catalog.
  • Baidu’s MediaGo AI integration automatically adjusts the delivery mode, ad delivery strategy and algorithm optimization, based on different scenarios and changes in data. It predicts user behavior by analyzing both historical and real-time data, enabling highly precise, efficient advertising.
  • ChannelMix AI analyzes data in real time from multiple channels, including TV, social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, direct mail and more, to deliver scenarios that predict optimal media mix and budget.

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