Can Cannabis Brands Advertise?

by Lindsey Francy Mar 23, 2023 News
Can Cannabis Brands Advertise?

Entrepreneurs want to start a cannabis brand, but don't because of the legal restrictions. It can seem daunting for others to understand what is allowed and what is not.

Basic restrictions for cannabis brands are listed below.

Promoting a product itself is one of the most common product restrictions. The promotion of products, prices, and distribution is not allowed on other channels.

It is important to make sure your marketing campaigns are not geared towards people under the age of 18. Most provinces in Canada have a minimum age of 19 years old.

Content restrictions include images and videos of consuming/using cannabis products, making medical claims about products, testimonials or endorsements about the product, and giving false or misleading statements.

Some of your marketing channels might ban cannabis content if you choose to market your cannabis brand there. Print advertising may not be allowed in certain areas. Some platforms make it difficult to advertise on digital channels.

It's important to stay up to date with local laws. Knowing what is legal in your area will give you a better idea of how to fight cannabis advertising. In certain areas, like near public parks, schools, daycare centers, etc., there may be restrictions on the use of physical advertising like billboards.