MarketCast Expands Brand Effect Ad Measurement Platforms

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 23, 2023 News
MarketCast Expands Brand Effect Ad Measurement Platforms

MarketCast is expanding its Brand Effect advertising measurement platform to support the changing way audiences are engaging with media and entertainment. MarketCast Brand Effect provides advertisers with a view of how ad creative is breaking through and driving memorability with audiences across multiple platforms.

“MarketCast’s Brand Effect will help marketers understand if their CTV ads are hitting the mark with audiences.”

MarketCast has joined forces with Inscape and VIZIO to measure the impact of advertising on streaming services. MarketCast will identify audiences exposed to CTV ads on Smart TVs to determine whether viewers can recall ads correctly, connect them to the right brand and whether ads are influencing the purchase of the advertiser's products and services. Brand Effect will help marketers understand if their ads are reaching their intended audience.

The Chief Marketing Officer at was interviewed.

John Batter, CEO of MarketCast, said that it was critical that the Brand Effect platform evolved to support advertisers and their measurement needs everywhere they needed to be. The most innovative version of our ad resonance measurement is coming to market with Inscape. The Inscape team pioneered Smart TV measurement technology that gives advertisers greater visibility into how their ad creative is performing.

Inscape's cutting edge streaming ad detection solution is going to be included in our partnership with MarketCast. MarketCast can achieve their goal of providing higher-fidelity data and insights to advertisers by doing so. Marketcast will now be able to help drive key upper funnel metrics that are critical to inform their ad strategy and creative decisions, thanks to the most robust, representative and reliable source for Smart TV data in America.

MarketCast is working with broadcasters and streamers to measure the impact of entertainment on advertising resonance. MarketCast and NBCU recently introduced a new Content Quality Index to identify how entertainment content and advertising environments drive advertising resonance with audiences across platforms. Through the end of the year, the two companies will be testing Brand Effect's new Resonance Ratings feature with advertisers.

Following its acquisition of Phoenix Marketing International, MarketCast launched the Brand Effect cross- platform solution. It combines an always on survey engine with advanced data science to measure audience feedback about ad and brand recall, ad likeability and intent to purchase. The system is designed to be compatible with existing measurement systems, allowing media sellers and buyers to use traditional systems to measure audience reach and Frequency, while at the same time using MarketCast Brand Effect to measure advertising resonance.

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