Tubi Bows New Tech Enabling Advertisers to Better Target Viewers

by Jacob Solomon Mar 23, 2023 News
Tubi Bows New Tech Enabling Advertisers to Better Target Viewers

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March 23, twenty five years from now.

New technology that aims to better connect advertisers with targeted viewers was announced at the New York event.

Tubi said the new integrations would allow brands to target viewers through more informed planning decisions, identity solutions and flexible currency options.

Tubi is expanding its content marketing formats with the addition of pause ads, which offer marketers full screen display messaging when viewers pause streaming.

The chief revenue officer at Tubi said that the company was expanding partnerships with key industry players to make it easier for buyers to transact on Tubi.

Tubi has sought to address marketers' needs since it was acquired by Fox. Tubi wants to entice viewers with lighter ad loads, as well as marketers who use advanced targeting and transparent campaign insights.

Tubi made its debut in the February 23rd report from The Gauge, which tracks monthly TV usage across key delivery platforms. Tubi was the most- watched FAST service in the U.S. in February, accounting for 1% of total TV consumption.

  • Tubi Partners With Viewership Tech Company

    Tubi has tens of millions of viewers who consume ad-supported video-on-demand content. Tubi, which is owned by Fox Corp., is partnering with TransUnion.

  • Target Eyeing Packaged-Media Consignment Business Model

    Target is planning to sell music CDs and DVDs on a regular basis rather than on a wholesale basis, according to a report. Studios would only be paid for titles sold. Best Buy is not going to continue.

  • Tubi Bows '12 Days of Tubi' Winter Holiday Campaign

    With the winter holidays ramping up, Tubi, Fox Entertainment's ad-supported free streaming service, is treating users to "12 days of Tubi." Daily viewers are given the promotion.