Introducing Adweek’s Newest Podcast: Marketing Vanguard

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 23, 2023 News
Introducing Adweek’s Newest Podcast: Marketing Vanguard

C-Suite executives are tasked with making decisions every day that move the needle for their brands, their companies and the customers they serve.

The people who hold those titles are the heartbeat of their organizations, leaders whose creativity, customer understanding, and intentional balance of intuition and data push their brands and businesses into new realm.

In each episode, we will spotlight those individuals, focusing on one key idea or decision: why they made it, what it caused, whether it worked, and how it has defined them.

Mistakes, poor choices and gambles are addressed, as they often yield the greatest knowledge.

Chief Growth Officers, Chief Commercial Officers, Chief Digital Officers, anyone who sits at the highest level within organizations overseeing marketing strategy will be included in the guests. Sometimes, we will invite CMOs to join us. The unique group of CEOs who have come up through the CMO role will be welcomed.

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The first Chief Commercial Officer at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts is going to be with us. Speichert shared his perspective on the necessity of empathy, his enthusiasm for diving into and often creating new roles, and how delivering is possible with a career path that has included roles at L'Oreal, Google and most recently, GSK Consumer healthcare.

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