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The company added 2.5 billion in billings and retained 98% of existing clients.

OMD and PHD were the top agencies in the world.

The OMD, PHD and Hearts & Science global media agency networks are ranked #1 for 2022, according to a new report.

An analysis of the global media agency marketplace published last week by independent research company COMvergence shows that OMG agencies added more than $2 billion in client billings last year.

Leading with an offer that connects media, content and commerce, the net new billings added outpaced the second-ranked group by close to $670m and exceeded the combined totals of the second and third ranked groups by more than $100 million.

Global Media Agency Groups.

The top net gains performers were in Australia, Canada, China, the UK and the USA.

The retention rate of the entire client base was 98 percent, which was an industry-leading.

Clients are looking for the optimal mix of deep specialization and deep integration in a marketplace where complexity is a bigger pain point.

Adamski points to a comprehensive analysis of global media agency groups from research and advisory firm Forrester, in which OMG received the highest possible scores in the critical future-defining development areas of retail media, commerce media, intelligence and insights.

Adamski says that "OMG has built - and continues to build - the capabilities, partnerships, technology and talent force that empower our agencies to deliver transformative consumer experiences on behalf of our clients."

The agency network rankings have OMD and PHD at the top.

The OMD and PHD agency networks have performed well in the past and will perform well in the future.

OMD and PHD used their parent company's assets to top the global agency network net new business rankings.

Global Media Agency Networks.
Global Media Agency Networks.

PHD and OMD were the top ranked agencies in the US and North America. OMD was the number one agency in Europe.

The business that went into review and was successfully defended was included in OMD's ranking.

George Manas, CEO of OMD Worldwide, says that the company's results prove that they are a trusted partner to brands in pivotal moments of transformation.

As advances in data and tech continue to change how people consume media, PHD's future-focused offer to marketers will continue to drive growth for our clients and our network.

The release of 2022, Media Agency New Business Barometer wraps up a year of headlines that illustrated OMG's industry leadership and future- forward offer to clients, including a multi-year agreement with Affinity Solutions to integrate retailer purchase transactions into Omni.

The news at the festival was dominated by a series of partnerships with retail media networks.

At the end of the year, Omnicom's Transact connected commerce consultant became a global resource that will help brands gain first-mover advantage from its retail media network partnerships, and grow their market share in eRetail.

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The media services division of Omnicom Group is called theOMG. Transformational experiences for consumers, clients, and talent are delivered by the company.


omnicom-media-group-ranked-1-for-2022-incorporatement-billings-growth- among-global-media-management-groups-301779

The name of the group is Omnicom Media Group.


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