Acquisition Strategy: How to Grow Your Sales the Easy Way : Social Media Examiner

by Jacob Solomon Mar 23, 2023 News
Acquisition Strategy: How to Grow Your Sales the Easy Way : Social Media Examiner

Want to make more money? Are you looking for an automated process that is easy to use?

You will find a marketing strategy for acquiring new customers.

Acquisition Strategy: How to Grow Your Sales the Easy Way by Social Media Examiner
This article was co-created by Ravi Abuvala and Michael Stelzner. For more about Ravi, scroll to Other Notes From This Episode at the end of this article.

How Customer Acquisition Can Transform Your Business

Think about where the money is being spent.

It isn't in the posts, likes, comments, or shares. The metrics don't mean anything for your bottom line.

20% of the effort is put into social media accounts. The 20% comes from the ads and clicks. You don't want people on your profile for a long time. You want viewers who are willing to pay.

The 20:80 ratio can be improved by creating a machine. You always post with a monetization goal in mind. Tracking the percentage of viewers who become leads and leads who become customers is possible. You can scale up your results without increasing your efforts.

The Customer Acquisition Machine

There are three steps to the machine. The steps bring benefits to your social media marketing strategy.

The three sections will turn strangers into loyal customers as quickly as possible. They can be used to scale your business. It isn't quite autopilot or passive income, but it is less labor intensive than posting aimlessly.

  1. Traffic. This phase focuses on getting as many viewers as possible. It scales up your audience fast by focusing on the content you’re best at. 
  2. Lead mechanism. Next, you’ll start qualifying those viewers as leads. This is where the real magic of understanding and converting customers happens. Your big list of potential leads gets a lot smaller but a lot more valuable.
  3. Sales mechanism. Finally, you’ll be ready to sell to those leads. If you’ve completed the first two phases correctly, then these will be the easiest sales you’ve ever made. 

If you want to acquire customers, you need all three steps, and you need them in the right order. You will find yourself working harder, reaching fewer people, and not converting them on the same scale if you cut corners.

#1: Generate Traffic and Raise Visibility

We call this step traffic, but it could also be called eyeballs.

Eyeballs on your content make people pay attention. When attention is directed in the right way, it means sales.

As you can see, attracting as much traffic as you can is the first thing you have to do. If you want to find the most valuable, qualified leads for your business, you need a lot of traffic.

Find Your Best Traffic Sources

Identifying traffic sources is the first step.

For some marketers, it's either TikTok orYouTube. It's Facebook for some. Other sources can be incorporated as well. Social media is part of a larger customer acquisition strategy.

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List your strongest social media platforms and post formats. You need a lot of content to succeed at customer acquisition efforts.


Choose a Mechanism to Scale

Identifying the specific mechanisms you can use to reach more people is the next step. There are a few mechanisms that you could use.

  • Social media ads
  • Affiliate deals with other brands, creators, or influencers
  • Owned lists on social media, such as Instagram DM lists or Close Friends
  • Email subscribers
  • SMS or WhatsApp subscribers

A mix of paid and organic sources is what the most effective machines use. What's the reason?

Most people won't be ready to convert after seeing just one ad. It is more likely that they will see an ad, interact with some of your organic content, and then move to your lead mechanism.

Paying for customer acquisition channels help you scale fast in the short term. Increasing your conversion rates can be done with organic content.

You might not be able to invest a lot of money into paid ads just yet. You can focus on organic content to build a small initial audience and then scale up as your business grows.

It makes more sense to focus on paid sources over the more laborious organic content if you are cash-rich and time- poor. You can't tell what the right mix is for you.

#2: Develop Your Lead Mechanism

That's good! You know your traffic sources. The easy part was that.

The customer acquisition machine requires a lot of work to succeed. It is difficult to convert on social media.

Social media marketers know this. Your business will never go anywhere if you don't convert. Real success comes from owning and nurturing your audience.

An effective lead mechanism is needed to accomplish that.

Types of Lead Mechanisms

There is a good chance that you already have a lead mechanism in place. You have a link in your bio that leads to a landing page with an email pop-up.

The conversion rate is low if you still use that strategy. Those tactics are boring for customers. The kind of unique value you need to convert customers into is not offered by those outdated tactics.

The lead mechanisms that people will really want are the ones that are focused on. There are things like that.

  • Free training such as a webinar, masterclass, or mini-course
  • Case studies that educate or inspire
  • Access to assets such as templates
  • Direct video sales letters that make the case for your business

Two key features are shared by all of these mechanisms. They have more effect than the effort that goes into creating them. You can use a video sales letter to get hundreds or thousands of leads after just a few minutes. You can scale up quickly.

Tools Resource Guide

You can discover the tools we recommend to drive engagement, save you time, and boost sales.

Whether you need help planning content, organizing social posts, or developing your strategy, you’ll find something for every situation.


What Data Do You Want? 

If you fill in a registration form, you will be able to assess each lead and contact them again. It is possible to nurture leads and make sure they are the perfect target for your business.

The amount of data you collect depends on how warm the lead is.

Most of the time, you just want to ask for the basics: name, email, and phone number. A fair exchange for a valuable lead magnet is what most people think of.

If you want to get more data, you have to give more or spend more time with your leads. You can ask for more information when they are ready.

Example: Lead Mechanisms in Action

An example of how a video sales letter might work for a service business is provided.

Video sales letters are one of the most effective and cheap lead mechanisms out there.

A short video sales letter can be written. It makes an unanswerable case for your business by hitting a few important points.

  1. Why the viewer should listen to you. What promise is your business making to them?
  2. Social proof that you can deliver on that promise. Think case studies, testimonials, and customer quotes.
  3. The method you use to deliver. Make sure you save the most valuable point for last so people keep watching.
  4. The challenges customers will face if they try to follow this method alone. Think about potential risks or losses or the expertise, tools, or labor required.
  5. Finally, offer to solve their problem by doing all of the work for them!

The marketing business scales with systems. Email and social media are covered by their traffic sources. Potential leads can access their names, email, and phone number if they share their name, email, and phone number with traffic.


The squeeze page has a conversion rate. 70% of the traffic from social media and email won't share their data so they've automatically disqualified themselves as leads

Scaling With Systems doesn't want everyone who watched the video sales letter as a customer. Another step is on the way.

The video sales letter leads to an application form. It wants to know more about the lead's industry and revenue. If the lead is qualified, they can book a call.


The second squeeze page has a lower conversion rate. It is still worth it because of the high chance of becoming a paying customer.

Let's talk about it. The machine works because it can process a lot of leads. The hot leads will take barely any effort to convert.

#3: Optimize Your Sales Mechanism

You have made it to the next step. If you got the right volume of traffic and processed it through the right lead mechanism, you will be able to finish most of your work. The leads are ready to close.

You can close these sales individually because you have refined your list of leads so well. You will see a higher conversion rate if you actually get on a sales call.

Here are four golden rules to improve your close rates, whether you take all of your sales calls personally or need a sales team.

  • Never book a sales call for more than 24 hours ahead. You want those leads fresh and hot!
  • Create a document of common objections and how to handle them. Review this regularly and use it actively.
  • Keep optimizing your sales offer based on each call and customer feedback. Refine your lead mechanism, be ready for objections, and learn what your customers respond to best.
  • Use proposal software so you can send contracts over instantly and professionally. This goes a long way to building trust and locks in sales fast!

You put a lot of time and effort into creating a lead mechanism. It's your responsibility to have a sales mechanism that never fails.

You move...

You can turn social media watchers into customers in less than two weeks with a machine like this. This method can work for a smaller team as well.

Other Notes From This Episode

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