Telefonica and Qwilt partner to provide content delivery service

by Anna Munhin Mar 23, 2023 News
Telefonica and Qwilt partner to provide content delivery service

The North American company Qwilt and the Spanish company Telefnica have reached an agreement to use each other's technologies in a content distribution system.

Qwilt expands its coverage and delivery capacity in Spain through the use of the Content Distribution Network deployed in the network of Telefnica.

Qwilt has an extensive network of server installed in operators' networks around the world, as well as a self developed product that has the greatest capillarity and points of presence in Spain. The exchange of content between the two CDNs will be streamlined through this collaboration and the use of an application programming interface. The user connected to the networks of Telefnica will have better quality access to the traffic that comes in.

This project is the first commercial integration based on the Open Caching standards promoted by the Streaming Video Technology Alliance. This facilitates the delivery of content from third parties through the twoCDNs in a transparent manner, benefiting both from Qwilt's global server deployment operation around the world and from the physical proximity of the TCDN to Telefnica customers.

Content providers need delivery services that are more efficient in light of the competition they are facing for internet bandwidth. The director of product marketing at Telefnica says that they make sure that consumers of the content within the network are satisfied.

One of Spain's leading service providers, Telefnica is a fantastic addition to our global network and allows us to further develop our content delivery service offering. As we continue to build the highest performing edge delivery network in the world, we are delighted to see that our global partners are following suit.

It's about Telefnica.

The world's leading telecommunications service provider is Telefnica. A wide range of digital services are offered by the company. There are more than 400 million customers in Europe and Latin America.

The shares of Telefnica are listed on the continuous market of the Spanish stock markets, as well as on the New York and Lima stock exchanges.

It's about Qwilt.

Qwilt is a leader of the Open Caching movement and a founding member of the streaming video technology alliance. The company is backed by a number of companies. is where you can find more information.

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