A Hotelier’s Quick Guide to Hotel SEO Marketing: What Is It and How Does It Work?

by Anna Munhin Mar 23, 2023 News
A Hotelier’s Quick Guide to Hotel SEO Marketing: What Is It and How Does It Work?

If you want to increase direct bookings for your hotel, you need to drive more search traffic to the hotel website or Brand.com. We will look at how to position your hotel website on online search engines to win more visibility and maximize direct booking revenue.

To get the full rundown of hotel marketing trends, data points, and insights, you need to visit our ultimate guide to hotel marketing.

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Source: Amadeus

What is hotel SEO marketing?

Hotel search engineoptimization is the process of improving a hotel website so that it ranks higher in search engines so that it gets more online exposure.

It is possible to beat the competition to the top spot in search results while increasing the online visibility of your direct channel.

Although organic search is free, there is a certain cost associated with it.

Why is hotel SEO marketing important to hoteliers?

By ranking higher and increasing visibility in search engines, hotels can engage or inspire future guests, generate more inquiries, and boost their revenue.

Search Engine Optimisation can help you target travelers. If someone searches for a hotel with a particular feature in a specific location, they will be more likely to make a booking.

It's easier to win business from your competitors if your website and landing pages are ranked well on search engines. It's a guaranteed way for your hotel to stand out from the competition when travelers are looking for a new place to stay.

It's a free channel that can make your hotel website more visible and result in more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

How does hotel SEO marketing help hotels drive more bookings and revenue?

It is possible for a hotel to drive more revenue and bookings through higher web traffic, and it is also possible for a hotel to strengthen its online presence. This will allow your hotel to be top of mind for travelers who want to make future purchases, and for travelers who want future accommodations.

A hotel website can inspire travel in a competitive market. It can be used as a gateway for communication between the brand and guests.

At which stage of the traveler journey is it recommended to use hotel SEO marketing?

When the traveler is just starting to think about his or her next trip, it's a great time to create content that's focused on that topic. Upcoming events and things to do are what your guests are looking for. You can use blog posts about the hotel, the area, activities, and local attractions to promote your property.

If you keep a record of your guests questions, you will be able to answer them in a post on your website.

During the planning stage of a traveler's journey, the potential guest has built a list of experiences they want, but they haven't narrowed down when or where they want to experience them This gives your hotel a chance to build a relationship with a future guest as he or she searches. A traveler will want to know how far your hotel is from a certain location, costs associated with the trip, and other activities that are near your hotel. A potential guest is looking for the best return on their money as they compare options that will deliver the best experience and the most value

This is a critical time for your hotel's marketing strategy as it allows your hotel to grab the attention of the traveler as they search online for their trip. It will allow you to build a relationship with your audience, but it will also allow you to control the narrative and showcase your hotel's value.

In order to identify areas of improvement and opportunity, it is recommended that you work with your sales and marketing, reservations, and webmaster resources. If you want to support your direct booking revenue goals, use the Ultimate Hotel Checklists.

How to get started with hotel SEO marketing?

It has come a long way from using titles and content to using a complex approach.

If you want to learn how to increase your property's presence in organic searches and drive potential guests to your website, check out ourseo best practices for hotels. It is possible to use the checklist to identify areas of improvement.