PayMe lowers user age threshold to 12 years old

by Anna Munhin Mar 22, 2023 News
PayMe lowers user age threshold to 12 years old

HSBC's e-wallet PayMe has lowered the age threshold for users to 12 years old, allowing parents to understand their children's digital spending while also supporting nearly 600,000 local teenagers as they take their first steps in financial education and management.

Parents can use PayMe's various functions, send pocket money to their children anytime and anywhere, and understand their children's spending through transaction and transfer history if the user age is lowered from 16 to 12. Teenagers can enjoy the convenience of PayMe and use their own account to top up and transfer money out of their PayMe accounts.

Many of the PayMe business merchant outlets in Hong Kong are popular with young users such as McDonald's, 7-Eleven, Klook, Mannings,MUJI and Starbucks. New PayMe users who are between the ages of 18 and 35 can receive a Circle K discount voucher.

Keung To will join forces with PayMeow to switch their pharmacy to PayMe.

PayMe has over 2 million users of different ages, including many parents, according to the head of the company. PayMe is devoted to promoting the financial health of local teenagers as well as the development of financial inclusion. At the same time, the daily needs of young customers have gradually been dominated by their mobile phones, so for these digital natives, PayMe is an easy way to foster good financial habits with a more digital and real-world approach.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE contacted Payme for more information.

The PayMe mascot PayMeow celebrated Chinese New Year with people in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, PayMeow was turned into "Master Meow" and displayed on billboards.

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