4 Ways Culture-Defining Agencies Are Redefining Brand

by Lindsey Francy Mar 22, 2023 News
4 Ways Culture-Defining Agencies Are Redefining Brand

Boardroom Presentation

Agencies redefine brands.


In the past, brands were defined in closed board rooms. The content produced by consumers outweighs the polished ad content of the world's most powerful brands.

The new brands are defined by their audiences and the interplay that is created in that. New brand leaders understand how to move their audiences.

Today's brands are based on the experiences of people. Consumers are involved in brand-building in unprecedented ways because of the more opportunities for touch points across digital and physical environments. The brands that are interested in putting their mark on culture understand this and are building evocative campaigns that powerfully tap into audiences.

A creative innovation agency known for provocative campaigns is Lively. There are 4 ways to tap into the power of the audience.

Audiences will be rewarded for engagement.

It makes sense to reward communities for engaging with your brand.

The EARN platform was developed by Lively and allowed them to fill in knowledge gaps by giving insights on their audience's experience with thecryptocurrencies. By rewarding users for their engagement on the platform, it gave new users a reason to use the service.

It's time to move from branded moments to lasting relationships.

Advertisers often fall into the trap of measuring the effectiveness of campaigns against their timelines. Advertisers are moving from momentary activations to long term experiences that are interwoven with people's lives. White said that marketing is going through a change. Engagement and entertaining formats are culturally relevant.

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White points out that they worked with Mazda. The multi-year case study was designed to give audiences experiences with the brand in multiple contexts, physically and digitally.

PutPurpose at the heart of what you do

Corporate social responsibility is important to young consumers. virtue signaling isn't enough to get the attention of savvy audiences It can be difficult for a brand to have a purpose when it is disingenuous. All of the brands that were called out after demonstrating allyship on social media for Black Lives Matter didn't do the hard work of actually building equity in their organizations.

To attract authentic relationships with consumers and build community around honest efforts, brands need to put purpose first and operate from their core values.

Stay up to date with the technical landscape.

The ability to discern between meaningful trends and fleeting fads is one of the things that distinguishes brands that are defining culture.

White believes that technology will allow us to connect in more human ways. Technology can distract us and take us down the wrong path.

Lively is one of the first agencies to launch a website powered by a chatGPT platform, and they are exploring innovative ways to use generative artificial intelligence and web3 formats for their partners.

White saysrative artificial intelligence has the ability to tap into the collective. This is a big deal for brands. Live streaming and Web3 can give us a new world of engagement. Learning what is right for the audiences our clients want to speak to is what it is about.

It is possible to understand the power of audiences to tell a brand story. Creatives can use technology into new platforms to encourage engagement, and lead with purpose.