Hootsuite redesigns social marketing course, certification program

by Jacob Solomon Mar 22, 2023 News
Hootsuite redesigns social marketing course, certification program

Hootsuite Academy is an online learning platform that helps social marketers keep up with changing demands.

The program is meant for social marketers of all levels and includes videos and content developed in consultation with strategists and practitioners.

Building a community on social and metrics are covered in the chapters. New elements in the content include social media DEI and accessibility. The new elements reflect what social media marketers need to know to thrive in their roles.

Students learn how to identify the right metrics for their campaign in the final chapter of measurement. They are taught how to develop different types of reports and when each is appropriate, as well as how to most successfully share this data with stakeholders.

Students take multiple-choice quizzes in order to understand the material. There is a certification exam at the end of the five chapters that students need to pass to get a certificate.

Interested students can pay to enroll in the course, but Hootsuite also offers free access to educators and their students.