Steller Acquires Influencer Marketing Agency Travel Mindset, Adds Microsoft Veteran Rik van der Kooi to Board of Directors

by Jacob Solomon Mar 22, 2023 News
Steller Acquires Influencer Marketing Agency Travel Mindset, Adds Microsoft Veteran Rik van der Kooi to Board of Directors

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Steller, a platform that allows travelers to discover, connect and book based on experiences shared by their favorite creators, today announced the acquisition of Travel Mindset, a leading travel-focused influencer marketing company.

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Steller will be able to expand its offerings in the influencer marketing field and bring on new expertise to guide the company's future vision of providing a more seamless experience throughout the travel inspiration and booking journey.

84 percent of U.S. adults say they use influencer marketing for travel recommendations, and the industry is expected to be $21.2 billion this year. Travel Mindset has been connecting brands with influential people in the travel space. A full suite of services is offered by the agency. State and national tourism boards are among its clients.

Steller will become the company's first Chief Revenue Officer as a result of the acquisition. Rik van der Kooi has been added to the company's Board of Directors. Rik was the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Advertising for 11 years. Rik helped grow Microsoft Advertising to a $10 billion business during his time at the company.

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Rik van der Kooi was added to the Board of Directors after the acquisition of Travel Mindset. We see a need to evolve how destinations are discovered, planned and booked as travel picks up again after the Pandemic. Rik, Harley and the rest of the team at Travel Mindset are welcome as we continue to deepen the value of our brand and travel partners.

In the travel booking process, influential people are becoming more important than traditional publishers. We will be able to offer our clients an expanded global reach through Steller's distribution network, improve our existing services and help travel marketers drive new sales.

teller is becoming the go-to travel service for storytellers. I'm looking forward to supporting the team in scaling it to many more users and destinations after the acquisition of Travel Mindset.

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Steller is a travel discovery platform that guides travelers from inspiration to planning and booking through the authentic experiences of their favorite creators. Steller's player has exclusive partnerships with leading search engines and travel booking sites to distribute experiences in more than 1000 destinations to a worldwide travel audience. Hotels from all over the world can be found on the Steller app. You can learn more at

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Travel Mindset is based in Chicago. The company's brand authority in the travel-focused influencer marketing space is unparalleled, which is why it can often be found speaking at events with Skift, eTourism Summit, the Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations (ESTO), and has been featured in The New York Times. Travel Mindset has worked with many tourism partners such as Nevada, Memphis, Illinois, and Texas. has a source version of the story.

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