Nvidia launches new AI service - and Adobe is on board

by Anna Munhin Mar 22, 2023 News
Nvidia launches new AI service - and Adobe is on board

Example's of Nvidia Picasso's generative AI

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Companies can use proprietary data to build and train artificial intelligence models with the help of the new services from Nvidia.

Nivida Picasso covers images, videos, and 3D, as well as the language-oriented Nvidia NeMo. Tools can be used to create brand specific models. Customer support is one of the applications.

Adobe and Shutterstock are both interested in the firm's text-to-asset service.

'First of its kind collaboration' 

A new generation of advanced generative artificial intelligence models will be co-developed by the two companies with a focus on marketing and content creation innovation. It comes on the heels of the launch of Adobe Firefly, the company's artificial intelligence art generator.


The Picasso cloud service will allow third-party development of some of the new models.

According to Scott Belsky, Adobe's Chief Strategy Officer, generative artificial intelligence can give customers more creative options, speed their work, and help scale content production.

Greg Estes, VP, Corporate Marketing and Developer Programs at Nvidia said: "We'll be able to bring the transformational capabilities of generativeai to enterprises to help them explore more ideas to efficiently produce and scale incredible creative content and digital experiences."

The first-of-its-kind collaboration to introduce text-to- image 3D modeling was revealed by stock photo site Shutterstock. Creative Flow, the company's light graphic design software, and its professional 3D asset site will be the first places where the generative artificial intelligence will launch. The models will be introduced in the coming months but no release date has been given.

Right now,rative artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. Business leaders should be interested in the ability to train models with proprietary data. The technique will speed up the creation of content. It also means that if they hold the copyright, they can avoid some of the legal wranglings that have arisen from the use of artificial intelligence.

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