AI Is Giving 3 Marketing & Ad Firms Revenue & Earnings Boost

by Jacob Solomon Mar 22, 2023 News
AI Is Giving 3 Marketing & Ad Firms Revenue & Earnings Boost

Every industry is starting to use artificial intelligence. It should come as no surprise that other companies are also in the same industry.

Some companies are using artificial intelligence to help their customers. Three stocks are forming bullish areas and are worth watching.

While those three companies are showing promising chart action, they are not the only ones.

Companies that are growing sales and earnings from their use of artificial intelligence are some of the market's biggest leaders.

Three companies are using artificial intelligence. There is a good combination of chart action and growth.


Cambridge, Massachusetts-based HubSpot helps its customers. In the past three months, the stock has gained 34.5%, helped by a 20% advance in January and another 11.48% in February.

The stock gapped higher on February 16 after a better-than- expected earnings report. The company topped both sales and earnings views.

Because it helps its customers drive traffic through Web sites, blog posts, social media and other channels, it is likely to benefit from the use of artificial intelligence.

The company has two new tools that are powered by artificial intelligence. Content assistant can suggest a title for a product or service and then create an outline for the full post Content can be written for a variety of communications.

HubSpot customers can easily add contacts and companies to the HubSpotCRM, create reports pertaining to marketing, sales, and customer service, and draft personalized sales emails with the help of

The shares hit resistance twice and are currently in a consolidation. The stock was trading above its 50-day average on March 20 and that was a good sign that institutional investors were holding onto their shares.

The Trade Desk

You may have seen a commercial from The Trade Desk, a company that is in the business of placing targeted ads on streaming services.

That is a perfect scenario for incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Trade uses an artificial intelligence platform to help advertisers set up campaigns. Koa automatically adjusts performance and spend to ensure that you reach your audience on the right media in the most efficient and effective way.

A cup-with-handle pattern has been forming on the chart for The Trade Desk, with a buy point above the handle, which is the high price. If you set the chart to a one-year view, it's easy to spot the formation.

MarketBeat analyst data shows a moderate- buy rating for the stock with a price target of $71.55.

Integral Ad Science

New York-based Integral Ad Science helps its customers target ads across various platforms, including connected TV, mobile, and in-app ads. The ads are suitable for the intended audience and help customers avoid fraud.

Context's technology enables image and video classification across various digital media platforms. In the correct context, the acquisition allowsIAS to better target ads. Running shoe advertisers wouldn't want ads on a show about car repair. A show about exercising would be better.

In the past month and three months, the stock has increased in value. It has been extended from its most recent buy point to its 50 day average.

The stock has the potential to rally even further if institutions continue to snap up shares. A new buy point can present itself with the next moving average.


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