News Corp's D_Coded Brisbane

by Anna Munhin Mar 22, 2023 News
News Corp

Lou Barrett.

Newscorp celebrated D_Coded, its fifth digital marketing event.

D_Coded is a place for executives to deliver content recommendations, audience insights, ad targeting and measurement, and search engine Optimisation to drive audiences through the company's commercial data capability.

News Corp Australia has invested in an Attribution Suite.

This partnership is with Adgile.

The Total Commerce solutions unveiled at this year's D_Coded event are based on the company's investment and focus on fullfunnel attribution, in digital and physical environments, by identifying intent and delivering outcomes.

In challenging economic times, all business investment, including marketing investment, is under the microscope and independently verified measures of success have never been so important.

The company used artificial intelligence to create matches between their products and News Corp Australia content.

"Artificial Intelligence matches a retailer's products with content on our digital network." The products are displayed as 'widgets' around the articles.

The media group's first-party data set was enhanced by a publisher-first data partnership with the bank.

There are more than 12 million customers and six million daily card transactions.

News is the first publisher in Australia to partner with DataX.

The agreement between News Corp Australia and Westpac DataX brings together a unique and powerful offering.

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