Bria to Offer Its Comprehensive, Responsibly Sourced, Generative AI Visual Content Solution for Enterprises on NVIDIA AI Foundations

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 22, 2023 News
Bria to Offer Its Comprehensive, Responsibly Sourced, Generative AI Visual Content Solution for Enterprises on NVIDIA AI Foundations

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Businesses can easily and instantly produce high-quality, visual content with the help of Bria's copyrighted generative artificial intelligence technology.

Bria, the leading enterprise-grade responsible generative artificial intelligence company, announced today that it is offering its advanced generative artificial intelligence technology on the new NVIDIA Picasso.

Bria will use the Picasso service from NVIDIA to improve inference and improve the user experience. Businesses, marketers, and developers will be able to achieve faster, more cost-effective results with the help of this.

Bria's technology gives enterprises the ability to instantly create and modify high-quality visual content for social media posts. Bria's models are trained on licensed data instead of using the internet to find images. The images used and produced adhere to the highest quality and safety standards and this is ensured by this. Bria licenses images from a variety of partners and is committed to revenue sharing to ensure that artists, creators and media companies are fairly compensated

Bria will provide an enhanced experience to our customers and support businesses' evolving visual and marketing needs by hosting our solution on the framework. The integrated solution will equip marketing teams, agencies and product developers with the tools they need to rapidly scale their output, thanks to the combined expertise of the two companies.

"Optimizing inference is key to making generative artificial intelligence practical for organizations to deploy and scale," said Richard Kerris, vice president, Developer Relations and Omniverse Platform, NVIDIA. Users will be able to quickly develop and refine their ideas with the help of Bria's tools on the Picasso service.

Bria's generative search engine, BriEngine, can be used to turn an unused repository into a valuable asset if users type a natural language description into it. BriEngine uses advanced generative algorithms and a unique dataset to generate multiple variations of photorealistic visuals that are one-of-a-kind and high quality.

Bria's platform can be used by enterprises to create and modify images from start to finish. It can be used to create an unlimited number of variations until they find the right one. Bria makes sure that all content is legal.

It's about Bria.

Bria is a generative artificial intelligence visual content solution that helps businesses increase their marketing efforts. The company's approach makes it possible for marketing teams to create, personalize, and modify visuals at scale while adhering to brand guidelines. Bria's full-stack marketing solution includes everything from background replacements to generative visual search and more.

Bria has a unique aspect to it. Bria wants to make sure that artists, photographers and media companies are paid enough for their work. Bria was founded in 2020 by Dr. Yair Adato, Gal Jacobi, and Assa Eldar. Visit the website for more information.

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