Australians seek happiness and wellbeing ahead of work

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 21, 2023 News
Australians seek happiness and wellbeing ahead of work

Australians feel the rise in the cost of living and value experiences over possessions and are more focused on their health and well-being.

The findings from oOh!media's study "How Aussies Move" show how changes to work and personal lives have impacted how Australians move.

The study, conducted by Pollinate Research and commissioned by oOh!, explored the attitudes, behaviors and mindsets of Australians and how they have influenced how and what they do when they leave their homes.

The results show that people are more focused on themselves, family, and friends.

While there is a focus on saving money, the top one-third of responses show Australians prioritize health and the well-being of themselves and those around them.

We value experiences over possessions and needs over desires. 80% of respondents worry about the rising cost of living.

"However, our desire to spend more time outdoors with family and friends has increased, with 42% saying being out and about in public spaces results in a more positive mindset."

The mindset has changed due to increased flexibility in work arrangements Despite the fact that most of us are still working a five-day week and more than half of us don't have the ability to work remotely, a majority of respondents report having more time to do what they want.

An increase in time spent in Out of Home environments is a result of Australians working more days from home, as a time to connect, through exercise, social and cultural activities which is leading to an increase in time spent in Family Administration.

The report shows us that we enjoy being out and connecting with others. We are trying to live positively even though we have concerns.

Two in three Australians plan to travel for leisure in the next six months, with almost half saying they will travel within their own state, according to a study. The desire to stay local is shown by this.

How Aussies Move is an extensive research project that will shape our understanding of audiences for a long time. The inside track on the changing nature of consumer and audience behavior that will drive further return on marketing investment is offered by it.

In conjunction with Pollinate, engaged individuals in the fields of consumer psychology, human geography, the future of work and infrastructure planning, conducted interviews with commuters and travellers to understand the changes in audience behavior and what it means for brands

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