Report calls for restricting marketing to kids in grocery stores, restaurants

by Anna Munhin Mar 21, 2023 News
Report calls for restricting marketing to kids in grocery stores, restaurants

The prevalence of marketing to children inside grocery stores and restaurants has been looked at in a report.

The report funded by Heart and Stroke audited displays at more than 2,000 restaurants and 800 stores across Canada and found that children may be bombarded with junk food messages.

Researchers found that 53 percent of stores had junk food power walls at checkout aisles, which they say is a good place to market to kids.

According to the research, placement encourages children to pester their parents to make impulse purchases.

The author of the report said that parenting is hard enough without having to deal with environments that are designed to get our kids pestering us for junk food that is not supportive of their health.

Minaker said that they were set up to fail by the stores and restaurants they went into.

It is difficult to make healthy choices for your children.

"magic, adventure and zoo animals" are some of the designs that can be found in beverage and ice cream fridges.

Bill C-252 is being considered by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health.

The high proportion of child-directed marketing observed in both stores and restaurants in this Canadian research shows that policies aimed to restrict marketing of healthy food and beverages to kids should include point-of-sale locations.

The report said that stores can help by creating healthy checkout policies.

It said that banning toy handouts with children's meals in restaurants could help reduce consumption of junk food.

The first report by The Canadian Press was published in March,23.

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