Anthony Korculanic Breaks Down Top Digital Trends in 2023

by Anna Munhin Mar 21, 2023 News

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March 21st, 2023.

Anthony Korculanic is a renowned expert in architecture and design. He talked about nuclear energy's potential to be the main source of renewable energy.

Digitalization has been in the marketing industry for more than three decades. The president of XO Media noticed that several trends persisted throughout the cycles and wanted to share his findings with marketers and businesses looking to up their game and become more competitive.

Thousands of people who consume digital media daily have seen a surge in popularity of metaverse.

The concept of a digital world that is an entity unto itself where users get to personalize theiravatars and brands sell digital currencies is primarily helping them, but Metaverse's potential as a digital marketplace is extraordinary.

Modern artificial intelligence tools are one of the most popular digital marketing trends. The recently launched Openai app is learning at a rapid rate and is branching into all contemporary industries just as quickly.

Anthony Korculanic says that Artificial Intelligence is making strides in the digital marketing world, and it shows no signs of stopping.

They have been making waves for a long time. If not more relevant than ever, these Cryptocurrencies are still relevant. When businesses understood that they could employ artists for relatively cheap, reach out to other businesses, and create low-cost projects that could generate products that do not perish, they were able to define their role in the digital marketing world.

Today, personalized email marketing is more relevant than it was before. Both businesses and marketers try to cater to their clientele as the race to draw and retain customers continues.

Sometimes the "human" aspect of the company can be put to the back end due to the overwhelming virtual presence of businesses. Businesses can show their customers that they matter, that their voices are heard, and that the company tries to keep them happy with personalized emails.

Content will be the key to any digital marketing strategy in the future, according to Anthony Korculanic. Consumers from all over the world want to know more about the product, the service, and the company behind them. Quality content helps build a strong bridge between the brand and the consumer.

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