LinkedIn releases new Pages features for B2B marketers

by Jacob Solomon Mar 21, 2023 News
LinkedIn releases new Pages features for B2B marketers

B2B marketers can use the new features to post content on the platform.

Posts scheduled. The specific date and time can now be scheduled by marketers. Users can schedule content within the platform instead of using a third-party tool.

All scheduled posts can be seen and managed within the platform.

There are live conversations. Live conversations without video can be hosted by users of the new feature. The host announces the event and people can RSVP in advance.

Audio events have a speaker on stage. If others raise their hand, they can join the stage and speak.

Users need a third-party broadcasting tool to use the product. There are no charges for events products if you have at least 150 followers on your Page.

You can learn how to personalize your brand on LinkedIn.

New jobs are posted. There is an opt-in to post new job posts on pages.

One new job will be posted on the organization's Page if this option is chosen.

The following is for pages. Pages used by organizations can now follow other pages in a similar way that individual users can.

What makes us care? Digital marketers have used social media scheduling tools for a long time. With a smaller budget and content staff, it's easier to schedule content and post jobs on the platform. B2B marketers can now share industry views and ideas in a more casual way thanks to the new Audio Events.

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