Promoting beef in a digital world

by Lindsey Francy Mar 21, 2023 News
Promoting beef in a digital world

A Harvard University student started a social networking website in 2004. Updating, scrolling and liking changed how the average person sees and interacts with advertisements.

In 17 years, social media and streaming services have completely changed how consumers view media. More than half of households watch TV through cable or satellite services, which is less than in 2015, but the decline continues. The shift to streaming services is due to more content being accessible at any given time compared to traditional television.

The Kansas Beef Council has shifted its focus to advertising on streaming services and smart TVs instead of traditional television.

The change has made it possible for KBC to target young families in Johnson County, Kan. The areas with the least access to beef operations are the areas with the highest densities.

The Beef Checkoff can be seen on several streaming services. Over the past few years, there have been millions of views on the ads.

Streaming beef content

One of the largest streaming services for those looking for a variety of content is also one of the most popular search engines. There are a lot of ads about nutrition and beef on the website. The ads have generated a lot of interest.

This system of targeted advertisements is also used on popular social media sites. Direct-to-consumer Kansas beef retailers can be helped by these ads. They help connect the younger generation with information about beef.

Most people are willing to pay for a premium music subscription, but not everyone does. Over half a million people have listened to the ads on the platform.

More than one million page views for have been driven by all these promotion and education efforts.

The Kansas Beef Council is the source of this information.