Can HelloFresh, Green Chef and Others Really Save You Money?

by Lindsey Francy Mar 21, 2023 News
Can HelloFresh, Green Chef and Others Really Save You Money?

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Meal kit delivery services like HelloFresh, Green Chef, Blue Apron and others are popular with people who want to reduce the time they spend preparing and making meals. The companies have recently invested a lot in their marketing efforts. It's possible that you've heard sponsored messages promoting meal kit delivery services on online content you consume.

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These services make it easier to cook at home and save you money on groceries, according to many advertisements. Is this true or is it just marketing?

What Are Meal Kit Delivery Services?

Meal delivery kits make it easier to cook at home. A detailed recipe and pre-measured ingredients are included in a box. The recipe can be followed to make the meal at home.

Customers can usually choose from a selection of recipes through the service's website, which often includes different diet and meal options such as plant-based, quick and easy recipes and kid friendly options. Hello Fresh has over 100 recipes to choose from.

You have everything you need to cook the recipe you want because everything is pre-packaged. You don't need to go shopping, and you don't need to buy larger containers of things you won't use again. Meal delivery kits have been criticized by environmental groups for contributing to plastic waste because they come in separate packages.

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How Much Are Meal Kit Delivery Services?

Meal kit delivery services costs between $9 and 14 per serving. If you choose to order more than one meal per week, it will cost you less. There is a minimum amount of serving for many meal kit delivery services.

When you order two or three meals per week, HelloFresh will charge you a fee. Green Chef and Blue Apron charge the same amount for the same plan. Dinnerly is a cheaper option if you're looking for a less expensive option.

Customer discounts are offered by many meal kit delivery services. If meal kits are a good fit for you, this could be a good way to save money.

Are Meal Kit Delivery Services Actually Cheaper Than Buying Groceries?

Depending on your schedule and circumstances, how much you spend on food may be different. Buying large quantities of groceries and cooking at home can save you money. A family of four will spend $224.10 per week on groceries, according to the USDA. The average cost of three meals a day is less than half the cost of a HelloFresh serving.

The cost of groceries may not be the only factor. If you live far away from a store or supermarket, you may spend more on gas when you go to get groceries, which increases your per-serving average.

If you want to try a new recipe or diet, a meal kit delivery service could be cheaper than buying larger packages of ingredients, especially if you don't use them again in the future. Buying your own ingredients in larger quantities for the next time may be the most frugal option if you decide you like a recipe after trying it.

Final Take

Meal kit delivery services may be worth it. They allow you to try meals you wouldn't normally cook without buying a lot of expensive ingredients. If you find yourself ordering takeout because you are short on time, a meal kit service can be a way to have home-cooked meals without sacrificing time on grocery shopping.

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