Streaming Service FuboTV Rebrands as Fubo, Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort Leads Branding Effort

by Lindsey Francy Mar 21, 2023 News
Streaming Service FuboTV Rebrands as Fubo, Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort Leads Branding Effort

FuboTV is changing its name to Fubo TV.

The company is changing its name to Fubo and is launching a new marketing and branding effort.

This week, the company will launch a new campaign with the slogan "If Sports Fans Built a Streaming Service." Over the next few months, the company's assets will be replaced with a new corporate brand. The campaign will be led by NBA star Kevin Garnett and former football player MarkSanchez.

FuboTV has grown in size and scope with multiple brands under our global umbrella since we launched our core cable TV replacement product in 2015. Our consumers have shortened our name to Fubo to better represent our premium media brand. As we head into baseball season with an updated visual identity and new ad campaign, we want to continue to drive profitable growth.

Ryan Reynolds founded the production and marketing company Maximum Effort.

The company signed a deal with Fubo last year that will see it produce and launch a network for the service. Equity in the company was part of the deal. According to a Fubo securities filing, Maximum Effort received 2 million shares of Fubo stock in connection to the deal, and will receive $10 million worth of shares at each of the first and second anniversary of the deal.

Fubo is the one product that captures the best of cable and the best of streaming, while having the very meaningful difference of live sports. Fubo is building an experience and suite of services that can win.

Fubo added more subscribers than any other cable company. The total number of subs is over one million. It is competing in a competitive marketplace with both Live TV andYouTube TV. YouTube TV has more than five million subscribers.

Reynolds has helped brands in a variety of industries. Mint Mobile, the wireless company for which he was a minority owner, was sold to T-Mobile for more than a billion dollars.