Gamelancer Media Surpasses 38 Million followers, a 42% YoY Increase

by Jacob Solomon Mar 21, 2023 News
Gamelancer Media Surpasses 38 Million followers, a 42% YoY Increase


The growth of Gamelancer's 44 channel owned and operated TikTok, Snapchat, andInstagram network offers unique advertising opportunities for brands, agencies, and creators.

Gamelancer is a media production and entertainment company that creates video content for brands. The network gives incomparable opportunities for brands, agencies, and creators to connect with Gen Z and Millennial audiences. exclusive access to its under-40 audience is offered by the media company The Company's production plus distribution option has proved so successful that its brand partners have continued to opt in to subsequent campaigns with larger budgets.

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Gamelancer Media's approach to creating authentic connections with the under-40 age group is unparalleled. Traditional marketing approaches don't work for under-40 audiences. The media company has a unique approach that helps it's clients increase exposure and sales and helps up-and-cominginfluencers grow their digital footprint and their sponsorship dollars. Gamelancer features creators from historically marginalised communities and has shown brand partners that working with up-and-coming creators on user-generated content campaigns is popular with Gen Z and younger audiences. As a result of authentic and entertaining content, we show unprecedented video views and user engagement in our analysis.

Gamelancer Media has established strategic partnerships that give it unparalleled opportunities. The media company is quickly becoming the go-to company for brands to sell their products and services to the 12 to 40 year old demographic. The network grew from 29 to 44 channels and from 22 to 38 million followers over the last year. The company has over 2 billion video views a month, which gives it a unique advantage over competitors looking to engage with Gen Zs. Gamelancer Media has a unique approach to advertising that is attracting interest from some of the world's top brands.

We are able to help brands reach and convert into our younger audience. The quality of content we've created for our brand partners is reflected in both our campaign results and repeat business from our clients. Gamelancer Media is unique in that we give our brand partners both creative services and distribution. Global media companies can't provide this. We have a creative team that understands what our audience likes and how to make it better. Jon Dwyer is the Chairman and CEO of Gamelancer.

Gamelancer has something to say about it.

Gamelancer Media Corp is a media and entertainment company that produces short-form video content for brands. Gamelancer Media will focus on developing new brand, agency, and creator relationships and new opportunities for existing associates through its strategic partnerships. Over 2 billion monthly video views are generated by the company's 44 owned and operated channels. Most of the Gamelancer's audience are located in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Gamelancer gives its audience with content relevant to the Gen Z community. Gamelancer has the biggest inventory on TikTok. Gamelancer has partnerships with bothSnapchat and Discover to monetize.

Gamelancer Media is majority owned by people who are Insiders.

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Jon Dwyer is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of

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GamelancerMedia has passed 38 million followers a 42 yoy increase.