Mainz Biomed ($MYNZ) Inks Accretive Partnership To Expand Marketing Reach Of ColoAlert Diagnostic, Analysts Model For Over 72% Upside ($MYNZ)

by Jacob Solomon Mar 21, 2023 News
Mainz Biomed ($MYNZ) Inks Accretive Partnership To Expand Marketing Reach Of ColoAlert Diagnostic, Analysts Model For Over 72% Upside ($MYNZ)

Mainz Biomed's value proposition continues to strengthen. Another deal was announced last week to expand the reach of ColoAlert. There are almost 100 medical specialists, biologists, chemists, and other academics from various disciplines in this one. ColoAlert will be marketed through Labor Staber's extensive network of physicians and laboratories.

It can be seen as a deal that will accelerate the mission to save lives through the early detection of colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer in the world. The deal is a value driver but not the only one. There are multiple mutually beneficial partnerships with diagnostic labs that expedite revenue-generating potential from putting its kit in the hands of highly professional laboratory networks.

My New Zealand is facilitating a business model that combines the strength of global marketing partnerships for a purpose: grow its consumer reach and create sustainable shareholder value.

Colo Alert is the flagship value driver.

ColoAlert is a highly sensitive and user-friendly at- home colorectal cancer screening kit. It's a test that can show tumors by analyzing tumor DNA and show better early detection than a fecal blood test. ColoAlert has been shown to detect more cases of colorectal cancer than other stool tests and allows for an earlier diagnosis, which is a driving factor in the ability to attract marketing partnerships with independent companies throughout the EU. The market opportunities in the EU aren't the sole focus of the company.

They are trying to get marketing approval for ColoAlert in the US. Once approved in the US, MYNZ's commercial strategy is to establish a nationwide distribution network. It intends to use its proven business model to penetrate the massive income- producing markets of the US. There is a need for a better test.

More than 1.9 million new cases of colorectal cancer will be reported in 2020, making it the third most common cancer in the world. Screening with stool DNA tests such as ColoAlert should be done once every three years, according to the US Preventive Services Task Force. Roughly one-third of residents over the age of 50 have never been screened for colon cancer. The $4 billion total market opportunity in the US is being seized on by My New Zealand.

It is positioned to accelerate growth in the future.

The company successfully completed a public follow-on offering to fuel its initiatives, positioning them ideally to advance its impressive stable of molecular genetics and cancer diagnostics that can alter the diagnostics landscape. This year's first half is expected to include several data set releases. Each could potentially support a move higher for its share price.

Three updates are planned. The first relates to the launch of its U.S.-based eAArly DETECT study to evaluate the performance of its mRNA markers. An update on the trial is expected before the end of the second quarter. A European study evaluating integrating a portfolio of novel genes into ColoAlert could potentially enable the screening test to identify advanced adenomas. There is more to enjoy.

A third value driver could be found in the Recon AAsense trial. The study is expected to start in the mid-20s. Updating from any of the above can change the valuation needle. The move has the potential to be significant since all three intend to release data in the next few weeks.

There is a different business model.

The differentiated business model of partnering with third-party laboratories for test kit processing is one of the reasons why the MYNZ value proposition exists. At least five new lab partners in Germany and Italy have aided in the ramp up of international commercial activities for Colo Alert. There are more factors to consider.

The continued development of PancAlert, a potential first-in-class screening test for Pancreatic Cancer, was supported by multiple milestone achievements.

The sum of those parts puts the company in a strong position to create sustainable shareholder value, which includes those inherent to ongoing product development programs. The year of milestone reached in 2022, can be seen as a turning point in the company's path to becoming a leading provider of cancer-focused early detection and disease prevention.

Showing its portfolio value.

There are steps to reach that goal. Mainz Biomed executed its option from Uni Targeting Research AS to acquire all of the previously licensed intellectual property for its flagship product Colo Alert. This highly productive and easy-to-use detection test for colorectal cancer is going to be commercially available in Europe. Mainz exercised its exclusive option with SOCPRA Sciences Sante et Humaines SEC to purchase intellectual property associated with a portfolio of novel genes that have demonstrated the ability to detect colorectal cancer.

It allows the company to aggressively execute its commercial strategy and product development plans in order to bring the gold-standardCRC self-administered diagnostic test to market. Since the company's growth strategy is expedited by securing complete intellectual property ownership, it can earn more money. Revenue streams are added by these initiatives.

ColoAlert is already commercially available in Europe and in certain international markets through partnerships with third-party laboratories. ColoAlert is provided to the respective labs, along with co-branding with key accounts, whereby each facility purchases Mainz Biomed's customPCR kits on-demand. ColoAlert offers a comprehensive solution for advancedCRC detection in the networks of physicians and patients at those facilities.

There are trials to make products even better.

Mainz is trying to make its diagnostics better. The potential for integrating the mRNA biomarkers into ColoAlert is being evaluated by them. The work done by the University of Sherbrooke is what led to the selection of this particular portfolio.

The studies showed that the targets the company chose provided a combination of sensitivity and specificity. The Colo Future study is evaluating the effectiveness of these biomarkers to enhance ColoAlert's technical profile to expand its ability to identify AA while increasing ColoAlert's rates of diagnostic sensitivity and specificity. ColoFuture's eAArly DETECT study is on track to finish in the first quarter of next year, with results expected in the first half of the following year. It could become a catalyst once it's reached.

It's a hot sector to study the genes that make up the human body. Pfizer and Moderna are investing a lot of money to appraise their value. The basis of the data package to be reviewed by the FDA will be formed from the results of that study.

Two leading independent laboratories in England and Spain were added to the commercial partnerships for Colo Alert. An addressable market in Spain estimated at 26 million patients and a London - region patient treatment opportunity of 9 million individuals are targets of that deal. Revenues from that deal could be accruing quickly from MYNZ, who are currently working on completing the necessary technical and co-marketing activities to ensure a successful commercial launch in these markets.

There is a bullish setup for 1/H23.

The updates that could turn milestone into catalysts are an attractive value proposition. The analysts agree. According to the Overweight recommendation, MYNZ's prospects in colorectal cancer screening are good. If the company earns US marketing approvals, they modeled a more than 135% increase in the price target. There are other people expressing a bullish sentiment. Jones Research expects MYNZ to score $11 a share based on risk-adjusted discounted cash flow valuation with cash flows forecasted through 2034 and assume a probability of success for Colo Alert in the US.

A strong balance sheet, minimal debt, and a Who's Who executive and scientific team executing a plan to develop, market, and maximize value-generating are some of the things that are important.

It is possible that creating potentially significant shareholder value is not an "if" but a "when". It looks like the answer is visible: faster than many think.

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