How to Repurpose Video for Maximum Social Media Impact : Social Media Examiner

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 21, 2023 News
How to Repurpose Video for Maximum Social Media Impact : Social Media Examiner

There are ways to save time and still have a strong social media presence. Repurposing video content is part of your strategy.

In this article, you will find 10 ways to reuse your videos.

How to Repurpose Video for Maximum Social Media Impact by Social Media Examiner

Why Marketers Should Care About Repurposing Social Media Content

Producing content for social media can cost a lot more quickly than handling it in-house. A single photo or video can be turned into multiple social media posts without the need for new creatives. It is good news for your marketing budget.

Your team can test different formats by recycling video and images. Short-form video was a big thing. Is short-form still your best bet in the years to come? You can use the data to make decisions after publishing content.

Plan your calendar and content creation process carefully to maximize the value of your re-use. Creative asset storage and Airtable are used by me. I can keep track of all of the different versions I have created with these tools.

6 Ways to Repurpose Short-Form Videos on Social Media

Short-form video is one of the most flexible forms of content. Use the tips below to get more mileage from your short form content.

#1: Share as Stories

Do you want to get more views for your work? You can link back to the original post on social media by sharing reels to stories.

If you have noticed that these reel shares tend to get low views and engagement, you might want to try uploading the video directly to IG. If you download a draft before publishing the reel, it will work better.

You can use the stickers on your account to leverage the stories placement. The add yours sticker can be used to encourage followers to join the discussion.


#2: Test Various Iterations

Did your reel flop because of the topic or the editing? You can create a different version if one of your reels fails.

You can play with different filters, adjust the timing for the text, or add a different text layer. You could shorten the video, experiment with different transitions, or see if another audio track works better.

All of the versions you test need to be watched closely. If you can understand what works for your audience, you can make less versions of future short-form videos.

#3: Add to Remixes

Do you want your video to become a conversation with a brand? It's great to respond to a customer review, engage with influencer content, or join a conversation.

If you want to add a reel to your video, you have to go to the menu. The videos may appear side by side or one after another. Select the part of the original reel that you want to modify.

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Text, stickers, and audio can be added to your reel. You can credit the original creator when you post it to your profile.

#4: Use as Short-Form Video Replies

It's great if you want to engage with or respond to existing content. Is it possible to reply to a comment on your content? You can reply to comments on short-form videos with new short-form videos.

You don't need to film a response in the moment. You can use the clips you've already created to make a new video.

If you want to engage with a comment, you must first find one. A camera icon and a prompt to reply with a reel can be seen in the film. There is a prompt to reply with a short from a clip from a video on the internet.


You will see an auto-generated sticker when you make a short-form video. You cannot remove the sticker from the video if you want to.


#5: Transform Into GIFs

Do you want your short-form video to be easy to share? It could be turned into a Gif and shared. Giphy can be used to add a short-form video to your account. Adding filters, stickers, and text is possible.


Go ahead and make the Gif. You can either save it to your organization's Giphy account so only your team can access it, or you can uploaded it to Giphy so it can be seen by everyone.


You can come up with new ideas. Share your custom GIFs on social media. If you have uploaded your GIFs to Giphy, you can use them in a story reply.


#6: Cross-Post Across Channels

It is possible to distribute short-form video efficiently across channels even though there are limited options. If you enable the option to share to Facebook, it will be easy to do.


You can use TikTok to post to other channels. It is important that you complete the process manually, and that you remove the TikTok watermark before uploading.


4 Ways to Repurpose Long-Form Videos on Social Media

It seems like long-form videos are less versatile than other types of content. You can still get a lot from using long-form videos on social media.

#7: Cut Into Short-Form Content

Producing high-quality video can be a lot of work. You can maximize opportunities to deliver your content by shortening it.

Most social media platforms don't have a way to turn long-form into short-form. If you want to watch a long-form video, open it. Select edit into a short from the menu You can use up to 60 seconds of the video to make a short film.


The time limit is 60 seconds. Text and filters can be added to the video to make it fit better in the Shorts feed.

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It can be difficult to turn long-form videos into short-form content. Before you add the clip to your short, make sure to review it carefully to make sure you capture the action.

The best way to share a short-form version of a video on other social media channels is to download the original video from YouTube. You can turn it into a short video by uploading it. The video should be published to other channels.

#8: Create Shareable Clips

Want to get more people to visit your website? You can highlight up to 60 seconds of any video and share it with your friends and followers on social media.

You can create a clip by choosing a long-form video and tapping the clip option. Between 5 and 60 seconds of footage can be selected using the sliders. Give a title that describes the content, captures attention, or includes a CTA.


Your channel's library contains any clips you make. If you want to share them at any time, you can copy the link and paste it into a post. Clicking through will prompt anyone to view the section you highlighted, but they can easily tap to view the full video.


#9: Make Into GIFs

Long-form video can be used in the same way as short-form content. The full video can be uploaded to Giphy. Go ahead and copy and paste the link to your video onto your website.


Text, stickers, or freehand drawings can be added. You can make the GIF public or private by sharing it on your social channels.

#10: Feature in Carousels

Long-form video can be used on social media. Users can be given an incentive to engage with the story.

You can add a long-form video to the carousel by selecting all of the media you want to include. You will need to trim any long-form videos to 60 seconds or less in the app before uploading to the photo sharing service.


You can post carousels to both platforms at the same time if you link your accounts. The carousel publishing screen has an option to share to social media sites.

You can use the app to create a multimedia message. If you want to add a long-form video, you need to create a new account. There is a prompt to trim the video. You can tell a more complete story with the addition of three other photos, videos, or GIFs to the tweets.


Bonus: 6 Ways to Repurpose Photos on Social Media

There are many ways in which photos can be used on social media. Get more value from your photos by using the ideas below.

#1: Compile Into Carousels

Have you noticed that your single image posts aren't getting a lot of attention? Put two or more into a carousel instead of publishing them one by one.

If you want your followers to see all of your content, you need to stick to four images. To get followers to click through and viewCTAs, include calls to action.


Up to 10 images per carousel can be supported by the photo sharing service. You can either create a smaller carousel using the same images you shared on other channels or you can try to increase engagement and reach with a longer carousel.

Native publishing tools can be used to make your posts unique. You can add a message or a reminder to your account, and you can tag products when you publish to Facebook.


#2: Share Via Stories

Do you want to keep images out of your page? Try to downsize the images and post them as stories on social media.

Use the platform's tools to add context rather than just publishing images. Adding interactive stickers to engage your target audience is one of the ways you can do that.


#3: Use as Green Screens

Talk to your followers about your photos. You can use your photos in a video instead of writing a long caption. A photo can be used as a green screen on a number of platforms.


The front-facing camera can be used to film yourself. If you point out highlights in the photo, you can give more context. It's important that viewers can follow along without sound.

#4: Include in Photo Remixes

How can your photos be used in conversations? If you want to respond to a photo post on any account, you can add your own photo and produce a reel. The author of the published reel is credited by the social network.

Find a photo post you want to engage with and open the menu. There is an option at the top of the menu if the creator allows it. Start making your reel by choosing the photo you want to use.


#5: Turn Into Reels or Shorts Clips

There are other ways to turn still images into short-form videos. You can make short-form videos with one or more photos.

Photos can be turned into videos on Facebook, as well as on other social media sites. Use the in-app creative tools to add text, place stickers, and record a VoiceOver when you choose one or more photos.


#6: Add to Comments and DMs

Creating story or feed content isn't the only way to distribute images. Whenever you respond to follower engagement, you can add images.

You can reuse top performing images in replies. Images can be included in replies to comments on social media.



It is possible to transform a single creative into multiple different types of posts without repetition. You can test different types of content and get more value from it.

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