Why and How to Use Look Digital Signage in Commercial Real Estate

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 21, 2023 News
Why and How to Use Look Digital Signage in Commercial Real Estate


When it comes to marketing through static signs, many real estate professionals work harder than smart. When a property sells, when its price changes, or when seasonal changes make current sign out of date, relying on static sign means a heavy workload.

Digital signs as a solution can be used here. Real estate agents can replace their static signs with dynamic digital ones that are easy to change and can be used in dozens of different applications across their marketing efforts because of new technologies. There is a reason why you should switch to digital signs.

Digital Signage is Eminently Interchangeable 

Digital signs are one of the biggest advantages. You can modify digital signs quickly and easily. You can promote a property while it is on the market and then, once it sells, you can remove the property from your digital sign and use something else.

It is easy to have digital sign setup in your agency office and use it in many different ways. A virtual directory of your properties is more attractive than a bunch of MLS listings on the wall. Special tools to set up and manage what is displayed on your signs are made possible by companies like Look Digital Signage.


Real estate marketing is dependent on certain demographic factors. Without being able to narrow your focus, you're spending time and energy on companies and individuals who aren't as likely to be interested in traveling down your lead capture funnel Digital sign technology can help you reach the demographic that is more likely to become a client.

If you have multiple office locations, consider it. Different kinds of visitors are likely to visit each office. Digital signs in your real estate offices can be configured to reflect demographic information for each location, as well as the peak activity periods for each location. You can schedule the content for each sign based on your own research.

Bridging the Gap Between the Physical World and Online Marketing

There are ways to tie in your online marketing efforts, even though digital signage is employed in the physical world. Digital marketing, especially social media marketing, is playing a major role in commercial real estate marketing today and this is essential for remaining relevant in ways that you wouldn't be able to otherwise. Digital signs are a great way to spread your digital marketing.

Digital signs allow you to add value to your physical marketing by being another vehicle for digital marketing content. It is possible to have fresh content delivered to your digital sign whenever you post a new image or video to the social sharing site, as an example.


Adding a new aspect to your communications is possible with the help of digital signage. With individual screens all being able to be configured separately within the same office, the internal staff of your agency can stay up-to-date with new information whenever it's necessary to push that information out to them.

This is ideal for larger agencies with a lot of staff, such as an office with multiple departments under one roof. It can be used with smaller agencies that have just a few or more modest satellite offices as centralized controls can be used to update all the digital signs associated with the company all at the same time. Digital signs provide for external communications between agencies and the general public, which increases the value of digital signs.

The Final Word on How Digital Signage Can Revolutionize Real Estate

Real estate is very competitive. The drive to find investors is very real for commercial real estate. Without the right tools to market your real estate agency, it quickly becomes a race to the bottom, so you need the most effective and up-to-date marketing tools and capabilities possible so that you can compete effectively.

There are many different ways to do this. In order to provide higher levels of visibility to their services, any real estate professional who works in the commercial sector needs to use digital signage. The flexibility of digital signage, its ability to narrow an agency's marketing focus, its ability to meld physical and online marketing content, and its facility in increasing both internal and external communications make it crucial for the continued success of any commercial real estate professional.