3 Creative Ways to Use Call Marketing for B2B Lead Generation

by Anna Munhin Mar 21, 2023 News
3 Creative Ways to Use Call Marketing for B2B Lead Generation

Businesses of all sizes are now focused on lead generation.

Due to the intensifying competition from smaller rivals, corporations and larger businesses must constantly add new customers. It is possible to set up a business for years of growth with an effective lead-generation engine. According to a Marketo study, companies that use efficient lead- generation tactics bring in more money than those that don't. In order to assess the effectiveness of their content, only lead generation is used.

The expansion of digital marketing channels and distribution has led to an increase in lead generation opportunities.

How do you begin to generate leads for your business? The first thing we need to do is look at the basics of lead generation.

How do you create B2B leads?

B2B lead generation involves getting in touch with leads. A targeted audience of potential customers is first aroused through marketing initiatives and then those individuals are categorized as "leads" in accordance with pre-established criteria

Lead generation helps in the materialization of demand by filling the top funnel of your customer acquisition process. The leads give opportunities to connect with potential customers and improve sales engagement. Your sales process depends on generating B2B leads.

The importance of lead generation in B2B

B2B lead generation helps create and convert demand for a product. Without a process for generating leads, your team wouldn't be able to generate leads.

Your sales staff wouldn't have any leads to pursue. You won't be able to forecast sales and profits while overseeing a sales team if you don't have a lead-filled pipeline.

Lead generation is the top priority for the management team. This could have a significant impact on revenue.

The company is vulnerable if it doesn't have a strategy for generating leads. Growth and profitability will be determined by the target market which may or may not be aware of it. Potential customers won't have any leads for you. Long term success of your business depends on leads.

Lead generation has many benefits. You probably had a specific target market in mind when you started your business. You can find more about your prospects thanks to lead generation.

Telemarketing for lead generation in B2B

Tele marketing can be very annoying at times. One of the best ways to expand your company is to generate B2B leads through telemarketing, if it is approached perfectly, telemarketing can be one of the best lead generation strategies for securing high quality B2B leads. It is possible for your business to gain more clients, maximize your marketing budget, and generate qualified leads for sales.

In this article, we will look at the utility of telemarketers. We will show you how to use call marketing to generate leads for your business. Let's get into it.

IVR for B2B Lead Generation:

An interactive voice response is an automated business phone system that can be used by lead generators. If you don't know, an interactive voice response system is a menu that callers can interact with and listen to before being connected to a sales representative.

Thank you for taking the time to call. Press 1 if you want to speak with a sales person. Press 2 if you would like to speak with someone. Is it possible to use the same technology to generate leads that you have used in the past?

The best call generators have been using the IVRs for a while. Two of the most valuable features of inbound calls are the caller's motivation and contact rate. The salesrepresentative is in the dark until the call is answered. The issue is addressed by the use of IVRs.

How IVR Works

Lead generation businesses often use an interactive voice response.

  • IVR receives your callers with welcome greetings like “Thank you for calling (your company name)”
  • It redirects the customers to the desired agent/branch by saying ” In order to get in touch with a local dealer, please enter your zip code in the box provided.”
  • Through IVR calls to your network of buyers are automatically forwarded after the caller enters their zip code.

Outbound Calling – Warm Calling

Cold calling is when you call a potential customer for the first time. Warm calling focuses on businesses and people who already have a connection. The goal of this call is to learn more, solidify the connection, and make a decision. Warm calling can be very effective.

B2B businesses often use cold calling to get more leads, which are then carefully qualified before being given to a salesperson.

A warm calling campaign is part of the inside sales team's job. This proactive outreach quickly determines if they are a good fit either now or in the future, by gathering complete information and asking questions. The bonds between marketing and sales are strengthened by this effort.

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CRM integration

Every business uses a customer relationship management system. Operators frequently interact with the customer base in order to differentiate between those who carry out the call plan and those who are just acting professional. This can be achieved with the help of a state-of-the-artCRM system.

CRM assists you

  • To assign tasks to each operator or the entire department at once and track how they are being completed:
  • To assign tasks to each operator or the entire department at once and track how they are being completed:
  • The system generates reports on the work of call center employees, including who made how many calls, when, and how many of them were successful in closing the deal.
  • It immediately notifies the user when an order is running late and lists the subsequent tasks in order of urgency. In the transaction card, the programme displays scripts for each step of the sale.


Increasing sales and generating B2B leads aren't hard. It is possible to increase the rate of b2b lead generation with the proper application of the above- mentioned telemarketing techniques.

Sales people work in unique environments. Better telemarketing solutions can help businesses thrive in the altered digital environment.