Content and commerce: Lou Barrett on the nuts and bolts of D_Coded 2023

by Lindsey Francy Mar 21, 2023 News
Content and commerce: Lou Barrett on the nuts and bolts of D_Coded 2023

News Corp Australia showcased a number of new innovations at its annual D_Coded event.

There were new partnerships, new ways for people to buy, and a new total commerce offering at the company's fifth digital marketing event.

Some of the highlights of the D_Coded event were discussed by News Corp's Managing Director, National Sales, LouBarrett.

There is an announcement from News Corp.

From Shoppable Video to Vertical Video

When looking at the announcements from the D_Coded event, it becomes clear that a lot of this year's total commerce solution is an evolution of News Corp's shoppable video.

It is more than just a shoppable video. The total commerce solution is all about video, app, branded content, editorial, and so on. Content and commerce are what this is all about for us.

News Corp has made it easier for consumers to buy directly from its digital platforms with the launch of a mobile first vertical video platform.

The Vertical Video Platform takes its cue from video platforms and pulls all of the content together into a single experience.

The user experience is what it's about. We have to have a mobile first strategy because so much of the usage is on a mobile phone. I think that vertical video on your phone is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story, and when you see how well it looks on your phone, it makes you want to transact with those messages.

The launch of Intent Connect

News Connect was changed to Intent Connect in order to find the intended buying patterns of consumers.

The difference is insignificant. The new look Intent connect is powered by the company's commercial customer data platform and enhances the company's first-party content consumption data with data from Foxtel Group and REA Group The customer segments have been increased.

Past behaviours have been the focus in the past. We are using enhanced data science capabilities to analyse billions of behavioral signals and make predictions.

They can do it from the point of inspiration if we find the high intent audiences. Whether that is through a video or an ad, or whether it is a piece of branded content, they can do so right from the point of inspiration.

A new data partnership is behind the Intent Connect. More than 12 million customers and six million daily card transactions can be seen through aggregated, de- identified data.

The fact that we are going to have a data partnership with a bank will give us insights that no one else has.

We are the first people to join with them because of the intent data from Westpac. It gives us a competitive edge.

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The D_Coded event has LouBarrett at it.

Partnering with Adgile

News Corp invested in an omni channel Attribution Suite. The new capability is powered by a new partnership with Adgile. The Adgile team approached News Corp. according to Barrett.

We decided to work with them because we found some really interesting statistics that they were seeing. When we saw a partner like this, who other parts of the industry are working with, we thought we needed to partner with them.

Since working with Adgile, the results that have come through have caught the attention of News Corp, which will create a little bit of chatter in the market.

We decided to measure how our short form videos stack up because ThinkTV has been very active in using Adgile. They stack up nicely.

The News Corp premium video delivery is 1.5 times the web traffic and 1.6 times the conversions as compared to the other video providers.

It means that we can prove that we can convert. The fact that these people are well known in the industry gives it credibility.

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