Stop posting 'Happy Ramadan' and start doing something authentic, demand Indonesian Gen Z

by Anna Munhin Mar 20, 2023 News
Stop posting

It's important for Gen Z to be authentic during the holiest month of the year. It is important for brands to stay away from Happy Ramadan posts on social media.

Gen Z is the largest group of people in Indonesia. They were born between 1997 and 2012 and use social media to connect with people around the world. For a generation of Muslim Gen-Zers, Ramadan is important as they use it to instill habits that are true to their religion. It's important to ingrain these habits and values as you get older.

There are blurred lines between fact and fiction in the search for authenticity.

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Anish Daryani, founder and president director of M&C Saatchi Indonesia, said, "Our approach towards accelerated commerce leading to audacious results requires us to have sharp insights on major consumer segments that impact brands." Through the eyes of the Indonesian Gen Z, we aim to achieve the same goal. In order to demonstrate how these insights can be used by brands, we used specific examples.

Gen Z consumers can be reached through content platforms.

With the increasing engagement in entertainment and shopping on social media, brands should look to align their campaigns to the Indonesians.

Gen Z is more interested in beauty, fashion, technology, finance, and gaming than food, cooking, and religion. Comedy, pop culture, virtual concerts, and shopping events are some of the content opportunities that brands can tap into.

More than half of Gen Z in Indonesia listen to online music through the year. According to the report, audio and spirituality are connected to provide inspiration. During the month of April last year, there was a significant increase in the number of streams of nasheeds. There were a number of special collections on the platform.

According to a survey, one in three Indonesians plan to consume video streaming content as an essential form of entertainment during the holy month.

There will be a lot of local movies being released. Tech creators are raising money by creating exciting characters and donating the amount raised to charity.

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The number of subscribers playing mobile games increased by 34.9% last year. Almost half of GenZs in Indonesia are ready to play during the holy month.

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