How to Use Hidden Data Flow to Accelerate Your Trials in an Inflation Reduction Act Environment

by Anna Munhin Mar 20, 2023 News
How to Use Hidden Data Flow to Accelerate Your Trials in an Inflation Reduction Act Environment

Self- driving clinical trials are not that different from a trip in a self- driving car.

Infrastructure, platform and process improvements that technology can bring today allow you to build on that philosophy and ensure you are providing the fastest trials and filings that you can.

You'll be taken on that journey during this webinars. Current solutions, what it takes to continue to improve using both structured and unstructured content, and how over time you can build plug and play tools that cover the time, efficiency and quality metrics you need to work smarter, mitigate risk, and demonstrate Good Clinical Practice are some of the topics we will

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The event has an overview.

The inflation reduction act has increased pressure on the pharmaceutical industry to speed more products to market in an environment where even a single critical error can cause months of delays The pharma industry needs to work smarter, faster and more efficient and this is where artificial intelligence can help. With greater speed and precision, pharma can bring more products to market at a time when they are needed most.

There are three key takes-aways.

  • Why manual review is no longer sufficient or sustainable in today’s environment
  • How to stay ahead of the curve by positioning today’s enterprise for tomorrow’s AI solutions
  • How to use AI to animate hidden content in various clinical workflows, generating faster filings with higher quality

There are speakers.

Gary Shorter is the Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at IQVIA Technologies. His team has developed several micro-products and micro- services that can be plugged in and used by anySaaS solution.

IQVIA Technologies has a director who leads marketing for the clinical data analytic suite. He is passionate about helping customers with their data analysis needs. Prior to joining IQVIA Technologies, he was the head of marketing for several healthcare IT companies.

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