The Creator Economy Is the Economy for 2023 and Beyond

by Jacob Solomon Mar 20, 2023 News
The Creator Economy Is the Economy for 2023 and Beyond
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As companies gain more equity, the creator economy is becoming synonymous with "the economy". They used to be an exciting form of advertising. Long-term brand ambassadors, stakeholders, marketing consultants, and more are possible with the help of today's influential people. That is why it is so important for companies to make informed decisions based on data that goes deeper.

Social video has emerged as the place where trends originate and utilizing the platform is no longer a “nice to have” for marketers and brands looking to grow. Engaging with attentive audiences is a key objective for many brands, and social video is a “must-have” channel to achieve this. To thrive in social in 2023 and beyond, having a proven, data-driven way to quickly sort through shifting trends and easily apply insights to your goals is key.

Over the past year alone, influencer-created content was watched 13.2x times more than media and brand content – combined. And more growth is coming. Based on past two-year growth trends, Tubular anticipates the influencer market to continue to move upward in the coming year.