Mazda announces next CEO, Tesla app update, Ford recalls 1.5M vehicles

by Anna Munhin Mar 20, 2023 News
Mazda announces next CEO, Tesla app update, Ford recalls 1.5M vehicles


According to ease of purchase research conducted by CDK Global, 85% of last month's car buyers felt the process was easy, the highest score since last July. Dave Thomas is an automotive industry analyst at CDK Global. On this episode of Inside automotive, Thomas and Jim Fitzpatrick talk about the study and how the car buying journey has become easier. You can watch the entire segment here.

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Mazda announced on March 17 that Masahiro Moro, a 40-year veteran of the firm, will become its new president and CEO as it increases expenditure toelectrify its vehicles and contemplates investing in battery production. You can read more.

There is a new feature in the mobile app that will allow owners of the electric car company to charge their cars from their home. While the new option has yet to be implemented into the app, the most recent update states: "Plug in your vehicle at home during the day to charge using the excess clean energy generated by your solar system." You can read more.

Roughly 1.5 million vehicles are being recalled due to defects. The first and largest of the two recalls affects more than one million cars. Some of these models use a front brake hose which can burst and leak brake fluid, making it difficult for the driver to stop the car in time. You can read more.

There is a bill in Mississippi that prohibits EV manufacturers from selling their vehicles directly to consumers. The measure was signed by the governor on March 14. There is an exception for aTesla outlet that already exists in the state.

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No car buyer wants a fast-talking, hard sales pitch to get them to buy a VSC or appearance protection for a car or truck that is already expensive. When it comes to being able to present your menu of products and protections with any chance of it being added, you have a lot of work to do. You can read more.

Many segments of the global automotive business are being disrupted by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Supply chain problems are getting worse because of the crisis. In order to cope with sanctions requirements and a changing production environment, automakers have shifted operations. Chinese companies are filling the vacuum left by Western companies. You can read more.

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