Meet the watch influencers

by Samuel Pordengerg Mar 20, 2023 News
Meet the watch influencers

63.3k followers forwei_koh_revolution.

Wei Koh wears an A Lange & Söhne Saxonia Annual Calendar
Wei Koh wears an A Lange & Söhne Saxonia Annual Calendar © @wei_koh_revolution

The magazine Revolution was founded in Singapore. In the US and Asia, it's published. He knows a lot more about watches than most CEOs.

During Covid, he started to interact with his extensive network ofInstagram followers and found that he enjoyed exchanging views and opinions: "Social media rewards sincerity and connects people with unique and personal tastes, which is why I haven't made my social media a professional account, because for me it He used his persona and wardrobe to create a new pulpit that allows him to speak to a new audience. When he said he used to see me as part of his father's generation, but now he views me as a cool older brother, I was flattered.

Koh wears a pair of watches.

Koh wears a tour billon.

Grail Watch is a hybrid retail and watch concept that issues small runs of cult watches that range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. If social media hadn't existed, he wouldn't have been able to start the company. It is possible for me to talk about a collaboration we are doing and have it communicated around the world.

His persuasive skills have been a huge success. One of the fastest sellers of the Revolution/Grail special editions was the collaboration of a salmon dial and steel with Platinum. The 25 watches sold in less than a minute, and the customer asked for 200. He is hot to work on projects.

The voice of the future: Amandine

3.4K is available to watch it withamandine.

Amandine wearing her favourite watch, the Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas, which is emblazoned on her customised Jordan sneakers
Amandine wearing her favourite watch, the Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas, which is emblazoned on her customised Jordan sneakers © @watch_it_with_amandine

It is a new diary hurdle for me to fit around hula hoop practices. It is the first time I have interviewed a 12-year-old. Amandine is a bit crazy with school, friends, music, singing, violin, and now hula hoop.

Amandine reconnects even old cynics with their inner child’s love of watches

Amandine, who goes only by her first name, has become the star of the watch industry since the film of her queueing for her MoonSwatch went viral. She has achieved the sort of profile that is hard to find throughout her entire career. She walked her first red carpet at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genve after appearing in a film with Aurel Bacs.

Amandine is wearing a Vacheron rose-gold gérie Moon Phase jewellery watch.

Amandine is wearing a colored dress with her dog.

Amandine is not new to the industry, but she stands out because she is a watchinfluencer. Amandine manages to connect even old cynics such as me with their inner child's love of watches when she starts her posts with a cheery "Salut Les amis" and continues in an upbeat style with emojis. Her posts are free of sentimentality and child-prodigy precocity. She is quick and clever, but she is also a child who loves ice cream just as much as she is.

At seven, she started her horological journey. Her father says that she attended a cocktail party with him. She had a Serpenti Tubogas on her wrist and wanted to be a watchmaker. Her social media site is freighted with future potential even though it is not commercialised now. Is it possible that she could lure other teenagers into the world of watch making? Catherine Eberlé-Devaux says yes. She uses her own words.

"Bulgari now makes it clear that I am Amandine's plus one," said her father.

The XX factor: Brynn Wallner

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Brynn Wallner wears a Cartier Santos Demoiselle on loan from Watchfinder & Co
Brynn Wallner wears a Cartier Santos Demoiselle on loan from Watchfinder & Co ©

US Vogue ran a story with a headline that said, "Shopping at Cartier with a watch expert". It was similar to a passage from Sex and the City, with watches replacing Manolos as Totems.

In the summer of 2020, Wallner started posting about watches on the social media platform. She began her career in marketing in Los Angeles and moved to New York in 2016 to join the editorial team at Sotheby's. When she was let go from her job at the auction house, she realized that horological social media was disproportionately male. Wrist shots with glasses of brown liquor were among the accounts she stumbled upon. I didn't like it very much. I found the lack of humanity to be striking. You wouldn't see a lot of people wearing watches, but you would see a lot of wrists. Watches fit in a larger picture of a person's lifestyle.

Wallner is wearing a 1990s Gérald Genta mickey mouse watch.

Wallner wears a time ring.

With a strong sense of New York, Wallner's beat is an intersection of celebrity and timepiece. A typical post might find her at La Goulue lunching with vintage accessories and decorative antiques dealer Alan Bedwell, who she works with to sell her vintage watches.

Watches are amazing, but they fit in a bigger picture of somebody’s lifestyle

Brynn Wallner

John Reardon, New York's vintage-Patek king, says that Wallner is a rising voice of a generation, and she has done remarkable work in visualising gender fluid when it comes to watches. She brings attention to the watches the famous women are wearing. She has brought the same sense of humor to paid partnerships with other companies.

A picture of Drew Barrymore hoisting a bottle of Dom Pérignon aloft with an Herms Kelly Lock watch dangling off the wrist will be featured in a post. One of her most interesting posts was about Bad Bunny wearing a late-20th-century, gem-set Patek, reflecting the tastes of a generation that views watches as vintage.

The vigilante: Anish Bhatt

1.7MN was posted bywatchanish.

Anish Bhatt wears a Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon in Geneva
Anish Bhatt wears a Jacob & Co Astronomia Tourbillon in Geneva © James Cole

Anish Bhatt is trying to out the fakers on social media. I find it offensive that someone who knows how hard it is to buy certain pieces would find it offensive. He decided to act after seeing someone at a car event flexing a fake Tiffany Nautilus that he found particularly egregious if they could afford it. There are 170 Tiffany jewelry pieces. There are a lot of replicas. If you have a relationship with Tiffany and are allocated a 5711 Tiffany at retail, you don't want to be at a dinner table next to someone who is faking it.

He had his account blocked by the photo sharing site. It was only when some very big watch brands wrote to Meta to say that what they were doing was protecting legitimate intellectual property that we were let back on again.

There is a movie with two watches. The second series of 1518 is in gold.

There is a photograph by Bhatt in Greece.

When he isn't calling out fakers, he peddles a world of excessive consumption, in which he plays the role of a Lamborghini-loving, yacht-hopping, Cristal-chugging Virgil, guiding millions through the ins and outs of horology. There weren't many people my age or demographic who I could talk to about watches at that time. I started a website and moved to social media. He was one of the first people to use the digital world. He remembers that when he joined, the photo sharing site had 25 million users.

After more than a decade on the platform, he still believes that the audience onInstagram is the best. Dealers on 47th Street have been doing live uncut videos of their negotiations on TikTok. They are getting 500,000 views per video and interacting with people.

It was recommended.

He feels that his role has evolved since he was a child. A number of brands work with him. Technical jargon is often indecipherable to anyone not in the club. We are trying to make it more inclusive. He doesn't seem to care. Greubel Forsey is working on a big project to present their technical prowess in a way that appeals to the sort of collector who would appreciate the brand if only they could understand it.

Don't let him catch you in the act.