5 ways to earn up to Tk 1 lakh per month with ChatGPT

by Jacob Solomon Mar 20, 2023 News
5 ways to earn up to Tk 1 lakh per month with ChatGPT

The text-based artificial intelligence model from Openai is very popular. The model has been trained to reply to almost all queries. Users from all over the world have been using the service in the past weeks with a variety of questions and answers.

The artificial intelligence model can perform some useful functions which can result in financial benefits.

There are 5 ways in which you can make money.

Launch a YouTube automation channel

An automation channel is one that doesn't require the owner to reveal their face. This channel is similar to a company because you need to hire voice artists, video producers, editors, and scriptwriters before you can make a video.

Many people are working in the YouTube automation industry as channel owners sometimes need to hire them. It's important to divide the work so that you don't end up with a downfall.

The first step to starting a successful YouTube automation business is to pick a niche, and with the help of the website, you can display niches on which to base your business. In a matter of seconds, you will receive the exact number of niches you requested.

Maintain a blog using ChatGPT

One of the best ways to generate income is by starting a blog. You don't need a lot of money to start a blog with simple web hosting and you can see it grow over the next few months.

It will be easier to write articles because they can cover the most important topics. Creating a 2,000-word post about fat loss is a prompt that you can offer.

An informative article about fat loss will be written afterwards. If you edit this article, you won't get punished for plagiarizing. If you are consistent, your traffic will increase, and you can make a lot of money by using various monetisation strategies.

Sell articles using ChatGPT

Producing well- written articles is one of the things that is good for the company. You can't tell if the article was written by a human or a robot. Most subjects can be written about by the author. It was said that a thorough review of the product was written by the author of the review.

There have been plagiarism complaints Updating your content is necessary. Artificial intelligence is supposed to make your job easier.

Create simple tools with ChatGPT

Simple software tools can be sold online. If you have an issue with your online business and see that many other people have the same issue, you can use the codes provided by ChatGPT. People who need the software can get it for free.

Using ChatGPT for affiliate marketing

Customer information, such as purchase history and browsing habits, is needed for the model to work. A series of product suggestions can be created with the use of this data.

After the product recommendations have been created, the consumer can use a messaging platform. To increase the likelihood that the customer will make a purchase, the recommendations can be used to interact with the user.

Making email campaigns, social media postings, and product descriptions are just some of the tasks that can be accomplished with the help of the chatgpp.

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