Join Prosegur Security USA @ ISC West, Booth #14099, March 28-31, Las Vegas. Eric Jackel, VP, Presents On March 30

by Lindsey Francy Mar 20, 2023 News
Join Prosegur Security USA @ ISC West, Booth #14099, March 28-31, Las Vegas. Eric Jackel, VP, Presents On March 30

On, you can join the discussion with Eric Jackel, VP, shared services, about ISC West, iSOC, hybrid security, and more. would like to thank Eric for joining them today. It is rare to see the longevity you have had with Prosegur, as your experience in the operations center is extensive. Tell us more about your background and how you started.

It has been a great run and the future is bright. I started my career in customer service in 2007. The company was eventually acquired by Prosegur. My initial goal was to create a customer service program that was unique. The building of a program focused on proactive communication and relationship-building was unique at the time and gave us a strong advantage over our competitors. The programs we started back then are still going strong, even though others within Prosegur have improved on them. asked what was unique about the program.

The underlying goal was to be proactive. If you only talk to your clients in a reactive way, you won't be able to build a relationship with them. You can better understand your clients' needs and challenges when you communicate regularly. When there is a problem, you should also be talking to your security provider.

In the past year or so, Prosegur began branding their operations centers with the "iSOC" concept. Can you tell me a bit about that?

The Security Operations Center is referred to as the "SOC", while the "i" is used for other terms. There are words like innovation, intelligence, andintegration. Our global network of SOCs has evolved from basic alarm response centers to fully equipped, multi-service, multi-platform fusion centers. The potential for growth is almost endless because we are providing more remote services to clients.

If you would like to learn more about the iSOC, please click here. asked if you could expand on that. What types of services did you not offer a decade ago?

It's a long list. Access control services, field services tied to security officer services, i OT-based applications, business continuity services, remote device management, remote system health monitoring, and so much more. With innovation and technology, you can give your clients powerful tools to help secure their assets, property, and people while also empowering their business decision-making process.

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What other changes have you seen in the industry?

The simplest answer is technology. Our core service was conducting virtual patrols. Video analytics gained traction within a couple of years, and we shifted to more of an event based model. We began to see various applications pop up. We have been able to develop new lines of business thanks to it. asked what's next for Prosegur in the US. Where will you go in the next chapter?

The goal is to keep building on the hybrid security model. This is an innovative concept and approach where we work with clients and prospects to manage more than one aspect of their security program. There could be guarding components, technology solutions, and remote services. New technologies, improvements on existing services, data and information management, or simply helping to develop and implement full-scale security strategies are some of the ways we want to add value to partnering with Prosegur. Prosegur is one of the largest security providers in the world, but prior to the last year or so, we were a little known entity in the US. Our current leadership team has aggressive goals for growth in this market, and I'm confident that with the team we have in place, we'll get there sooner than planned. There is a booth for anyone attending the event. If you want to learn more about our plans for the future, please stop by.

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Is there a way to tell if it's a good thing or a bad thing?

Eric Jackel has been building and running security operations centers for more than 16 years. Eric has developed policies, procedures, and best practices to serve a wide range of clients. He has led best-in-class client relationship management strategies. Eric and his team manage thousands of security cameras for hundreds of clients in North America. He will present at the SIA Education@ISC West program in Las Vegas. If you want to know more about Eric's presentation, please click here. features thought leadership and content-marketing about a variety of solutions. Since 1999, our flagship IN THE BOARDROOM platform has featured content-marketing programs from some of the world's top brands. Information about us can be found at www.

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